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    A clone of Apocalypse raised by Fantomex to become the ultimate weapon and a hero. The ultimate test of nature vs. nurture.

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    Genesis is a clone of the reincarnated child version of Apocalypse. Fantomex executed the child Apocalypse and, unbeknownst to the rest of X-Force, created a clone from his remains. Fantomex intends to prove that with the right upbringing the child could be a hero. Genesis was raised in a VR program by Fantomex and Ultimaton. He believes he was raised on a farm in Kansas by a gold hearted and hardworking Ma and Pa. At age 11 he discovered that he had powers and his "Uncle Cluster" (Fantomex) arrived to help train with them. With his "Uncle" he began to harness his powers and was itching to use them for good.


    Genesis was first seen in Uncanny X-Force #7 by Rick Remender and Esad Ribic. However, his full introduction was in Uncanny X-Force #18 by Remender and Jerome Opena.

    Character Evolution

    After his existence was revealed when he was awakened to aid in the battle against Dark Angel, Genesis began attending the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Dark Angel Saga

    During the fight against Dark Angel, Fantomex calls upon Ultimaton to initiate their secret weapon. He awakens Evan, who is residing in a VR program, and informs him of their dire situation. Evan is suited up in an exoskeleton and takes off, tackling Archangel to the ground. He blasts him with his dematerialisation rays and declares himself to be not Apocalypse but Genesis. Archangel is able to overpower him and even notes how Evan does not truly grasp what is going on. Genesis was able to distract Warren long enough for Psylocke to impale him with the Life Seed.


    for further information: Wolverine & the X-Men

    After the battle, Fantomex and UItimaton take Evan aboard E.V.A. to Wolverine in Westchester. Once they arrive Wolverine and Fantomex discuss what to do with Evan and why Fantomex created him. Fantomex feels that if they are able to teach and instill good into Evan than there may also be hope for himself. Evan is introduced to Beast and Kitty and begins attending the school in Westchester. For the time being Wolverine has decided it best not to tell Evan of his true origin.

    Grim Future
    Grim Future

    When he arrives at the school and attends his first class under Headmistress Kitty Pryde, a few of the students note his facial likeness to the infamous X-villain. Deathlok enters the classroom as the special guest lecturer of the day, and uses his inbuilt tachyon probability generators to calculate the most probable futures for some of the students, namely Quentin Quire, Idie Okokwo, Kid Gladiator and Broo. However, while calculating Evan's most probable future his expression changes to one of sadness and he leaves the classroom without another word.

    When Evan questions him about this, Deathlok tells him that his future is something he has to discover for himself. However, Deathlok had decided not to reveal to Evan that his most probable future would be one where he ascended into the role of Apocalypse and destroyed the school and the X-Men.

    Evan travels with his classmates to the planet Sin to find a matter transducer to fix Wolverine's legs. One of the aliens they encounter insults Genesis' hometown of Kansas which sends him into a fit of rage. Evan utilizes his shape shifting abilities to clear many of the attacking aliens. Later back at the school, Evan seeks out Angel only to find him plummeting from the sky unconscious. Evan saves him just in time as Angel reveals to him that he was trying to fly to Heaven and passed out. After Angel recovers, Ethan asks what he sees in him. Angel sees a darkness all around the boy, but lies and says "I see only good in you."

    Final Execution

    Genesis and Deadpool forming a bond
    Genesis and Deadpool forming a bond

    for further information: Uncanny X-Force

    Genesis is constantly teased and tormented by Quentin Quire about his resemblance to Apocalypse. While on a field trip to Genosha, Evan is separated from the group and is approached by Sabretooth. Kid Gladiator attempts to save Evan but is crushed by AoA Blob. Genesis is kidnapped and taken back to Daken who is leading the newly formed Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Daken, Sabretooth and Shadow King take Evan on an RV trip across America killing innocent people, trying to incite Evan enough to unleash his powers in an attempt at stopping them. Genesis is taken to an underwater base where he is tortured & teased by Skinless Man with the corpse of Fantomex as Daken tries to goad him into putting on Apocalypse armor. Deadpool arrives and attempts to rescue Evan but is stopped, brutally by AoA Blob, Shadow King, Daken and Omega Black. After seeing this Evan finally puts on the armor and unleashes, destroying the facility. When Sabretooth reveals that this was all part of his plan to manipulate Wolverine into killing his son, Evan begins to beat Creed to death. Logan stops him showing him what revenge will bring him. Evan returns home with the team. Back at the Jean Grey School, Deadpool sneaks into Evan's room and gives him some Playguy magazines.

    Avengers & X-Men: AXIS

    For some time, Evan turned into Apocalypse
    For some time, Evan turned into Apocalypse

    Evan, along with his best friend, Quentin Quire, and the leader of the Mutant Revolution, Cyclops, were taken by the Red Skull to the Reeducation Camps on Genosha, where mutants and Inhumans were being rounded up, tortured, and systematically slaughtered. When Magneto, the Scarlet Witch, Rogue, and Havok battled the Skull's S-Men, Magneto stumbled upon the three captives, and immediately freed them. They were prepared to join the fight after finding that Magneto's fury had unleashed the Red Onslaught. Camp Warden Ahab briefly battled the trio, wounding both Quentin and Evan by piercing them with his spear. Quentin watched over Evan and shielded their minds while the others took on the Onslaught. Reinforcements arrived to battle the Onslaught and his sentinels (which had been designed by Tony Stark specifically to take on and defeat heroes). Evan continued to heal under Quentin's care, gently reassuring Quentin and urging him to give the Onslaught one hell of a telepathic fight. Every hero present, with the exception of Iron Man, had been defeated. Magneto had fled Genosha earlier, but returned with his Cabal, including villains such as Loki, the Enchantress, Doctor Doom, Mystique, Carnage, the Hobgoblin, Sabretooth, and Jack O'Lantern. Deadpool, with whom Evan shared a deep connection, had also tagged along with the villains. Magneto's Cabal tore through the sentinels, and battled the Onslaught with some success. However, the Onslaught had finally broken through Quentin's defenses, and the others became susceptible to the hatred the Onslaught inspired in their minds. Evan decided he was ready to join the fight again, and began his attack with optic blasts. His attack was cut short by an enraged Sabretooth who was just about to gut Evan, when Deadpool stepped in to save him. Deadpool reaffirmed his promise to always be there for Evan by taking down Sabretooth and saving Evan. The Scarlet Witch and Doctor Doom completed the Inversion Spell, which transformed the Red Onslaught back into the Red Skull. However, the Inversion Spell also affected all those on the island, including Evan, causing them to become the opposite of what they normally were. Evan, a previously small framed, kindhearted and gentle soul, had spontaneously transformed into the hulking form of the grown En Sabah Nur, the Apocalypse, with an attitude of impatience and supremacy to match. Evan returned to the Jean Grey School along with the other X-Men present for the battle, and revealed himself to the students faculty, garbed in the attire of the Apocalypse. The X-Men, under the bold and bellicose leadership of the inverted Storm, were preparing for war on humanity, with the new Apocalypse at their head. As Apocalypse, Evan, goes to the Avenger's Tower along with his now evil X-Men to find the Red Skull. They come across the new Captain America and Apocalypse stops Rogue from killing him and tells the Captain that the humans of New York have a short amount of time to leave New York or they will all be destroyed. Apocalypse and his servants (X-Men) then leave after they were unable to find the Red Skull. Apocalypse states that sooner or later they will find Red Skull and he will join them. The next day Apocalypse states to New York who he is and that humans can no longer live in New York and if they don't leave he will not hold back his evil X-Men any longer, but little do the people know that Apocalypse is creating a bomb that will destroy all the humans around the globe. Eventually, the remaining heroes manage to reverse the Inversion spell, which causes all heroes, including Evan, to go back to normal.

    On the road with the All-New X-Men

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    More recently, after the events of the Secret Wars, Evan joined the time-displaced young original X-Men. Together with Cyclops, Beast, Angel, Iceman, X-23 and Oya, Evan set out to see and travel the world, and making a name for themselves as mutant heroes. During his time with the younger X-Men, Evan became close friends with many of his teammates. During his stay, Evan and Beast where teleported in a freak-accident to ancient Egypt by mistake. There, Evan met a young boy named En Sabah Nur, the mutant that would one day become Apocalypse, and also the man from whom Evan was cloned. Evan was shocked to find out that En Sabah Nur was actually a kindered spirit, much like Evan is. En Sabah Nur was however captured by violant robers/murderers, which most likely set the path for En Sabah Nur to become the evil precense known today. While Evan wanted to rescue En Sabah Nur from that fate, Beast intervened and told Evan that they could not mess with the time-line. Eventually, Beast and a sadened Evan managed to return to their own time.


    Evan is capable of using all of Apocalypse's powers but has been trained by Fantomex in the use of his shape-shifting powers and how to control his dematerialisation blasts, which he can channel through his hands or eyes. He is also in possession of a suit which allows rocket-propelled flight. He also has super-enhanced resistance to injury. Evan has telepathic resistance as was shown when the Red Skull (Red Onslaught) was controlling everyone during his fight with the heroes and villains. All though Evan has turned back into Apocalypse, it is not stated rather he still has his Celestial tech anymore.


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