Genesis Universe

    Concept » Genesis Universe appears in 90 issues.

    Earth-1136 of Marvel, that features the Protectors, Ex-Mutants (second team) and Dinosaurs for Hire from Malibu.

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    Earth 1136. Home to the Protectors.The Protectors a group of updated heroes from the golden age, published by Centaur Comics and some from Ace Comics . The history of some heroes remain intact and for others, some retcons or reboots were done.

    In this reality, the humans with superpowers are called Supernormals.

    The first supernormals appaeared in the WWII(Amazing man, Gravestone and others). Another group appeared in the 80s, but they were responsible of a tragic event in the event of Brinkstone, Virginia, in 1986; in the middle with a battle with supervillains.

    As result, the supernormals went into anonymity, until the villain Mr Monday began a series of terrorist attacks against the United States in 1992. The president Brian O' Brian (The Clock) called the supernormals into new activity, creating the Protectors team, as the leaderhip of Nthe veteran hero Philiph Reinhardt Night Mask. They were entrusted with the battle against Monday and later villains.

    Later, a extradimensional conqueror called Extreme arrived to this Earth and brought the Ex Mutant and the Dinosaurs for Hire from other universe. Extreme was defeated, but a great cost.

    This earth ended in a climatic and tragic battle against Amazing Man arch enemy, the Great Question.


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