Generation Zero

    Team » Generation Zero appears in 41 issues.

    Generation Zero is a highly trained strike team of super powered psiot children. They have spent most of their lives in captivity until escaping from a Project Rising Spirit facility when Bloodshot attacked.

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    In the 1960's, via corporate espionage on Harada Global Conglomerates, the private military corporation Project Rising Spirit discovered that latent psiot abilities can be activated by torture. P.R.S. also found the younger the subject, the more responsive they were to the process. After decades of perfecting their diabolical methods, P.R.S. put together a premier psiot strike team called Generation Zero. The team was trained to act as a surgically precise, covert military unit. The facility were members of Generation Zero were imprisoned and trained was called The Nursery.

    The members of Generation Zero were all young children that were taken, in most cases kidnapped, from their parents and "trained" to use their abilities. These powerful psiot kids were controlled via micro shrapnel implanted into their brains which would explode should they tried to escape. Many of the children are too young to remember their families. It has also been revealed that in order to capture or contain the newly discovered psiots children, P.R.S. used to deploy a then brainwashed operative called Bloodshot.


    Generation Zero and it's members were created by writers Joshua Dysart and Duane Swierczynski. The character designs were created by artist Khari Evans.

    Major Story Arcs

    Harbinger Wars

    After an attack by a now free willed Bloodshot on the P.R.S. facility The Nursery, all the captive psiot children escaped - including Generation Zero. These kids managed to commandeer a helicopter and make their way to Las Vegas where they forcefully took over a hotel in order to make a public last stand against their former captors and the wrongs of the world as they see it. Soon after they were joined by Peter Stanchek and The Renegades who attempted to bring a peaceful resolution to the violent stand-off.

    Shortly Bloodshot also turned up accompanied by a number of the other psiot kids he liberated from The Nursery. Meanwhile P.R.S. unleashed H.A.R.D. Corps to capture or eliminate Generation Zero. Of course where there are psiots there is inevitably Toyo Harada who wanted all the escaped psiot kids to join his Harbinger Foundation. A four-way battled ensued that left Las Vegas in ruins and saw the death of a number of Generation Zero kids. Ultimately Generation Zero reluctantly agreed to join Harada.


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