Generation X #8

    Generation X » Generation X #8 - What Lurks in Cassidy Keep? released by Marvel on October 1, 1995.

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    Banshee takes Generation X (except Artie and Leech) to Ireland to investigate what happened to Cassidy Keep. The team stands before the giant hole in the ground that was at one point Cassidy Keep. A woman named Agent Scicluna is already there with some men in suits. They are members of Black Air, a British organization that investigates paranormal activity.

    Strange green mist is emanating from the pit and Synch tells Jubilee that he has synched up to the mist and can see elves being killed by knights. Jubilee says he probably just has jet lag, but when Synch touches the mist it sucks him into another world. Chamber leaps in after him, and is also spirited away, but when Skin tries to follow suit, he just crashes to the ground.

    Emma tells Banshee that the mist seems to be sentient and Banshee asks her if she can persuade it to let them in. Agent Scicluna tells him she won't be able to allow that to happen, but before she can finish, Banshee uses his sonic scream to knock her and her team out. The Gen X team then leaps into the mists and vanish. From up on a cliff overlooking the entire scene, Omega Red emerges.


    Cordelia Frost is leaping off a waterfall somewhere in the South Pacific, proclaiming that she would make the entire world like this paradise if she could. Below, a man named Mondo who only has two settings "calm and calmer," tells her that if the whole world was like that she'd get bored. Mondo also apparently has a third setting, "concerned," because when Cordelia doesn't come up from her dive, Mondo swims underwater to try and find her.

    End Interlude...

    Back in some other dimension, the Generation X team of Emma Frost, Banshee, M, Jubilee, Skin, Husk, and Penance appear decked out in Renaissance Fair costumes. M tries to point out that wherever it is they are doesn't have any air, but they all pass out before she can explain it.

    Elsewhere Synch and Chamber are dressed like extras from Braveheart doing battle with knights to save some elves. The pair are unaffected by the lack of breathable air because Chamber doesn't need food or oxygen to survive because of his power, and since Synch is synched up to Chamber, he doesn't need air either. The duo save the elves and ask to be taken home. The elves agree and lead them off.

    Elsewhere, Emma Frost and Banshee are chained up in a dungeon. Emma complains about how in all her years of being in the Hellfire Club she'd never been in a pocket dimension, and before joining up with Professor X and Banshee to work at the school she could count the number of times she'd been tied up on no fingers. Another prisoner off panel asks them if they are always like this.

    Banshee knows the prisoner. He is named Eamon O'Donnel and he appears to be some or leprechaun. Banshee uses his powers to shatter the chains that bind them and the three of them escape. Emma uses her mental powers to knock out a troll of some sort and they continue their escape.

    Meanwhile, a fairy known as the Grande Dame, the queen of these lands, has summoned the remaining Generation X kids (who are now equipped with rebreathers) to her palace. She tells them that since Glamour has been lost, their land has fallen on hard times. Husk asks who Glamour is, but the Grande Dame explains that it isn't a person, but rather it is the concept of glamour and that it is the life force for all fairies and elves.

    She then shows them a machine that is used to generate glamour and a scroll she claims is very old that shows the Generation X kids standing in front of the machine, claiming that they are the chosen ones, destined to save her world. Skin calls her out, telling her she can't "con a con man." The Grande Dame admits to having painted it after seeing the children earlier in the day.

    She asks them to fix it anyway, and as Jubilee explains that none of them would even know where to begin, M spaces out again and starts to climb up the machine. The Grande Dame says that she can see at least one of them has the stuff of heroes, which annoys Husk and spurs her into action.

    There's a knock at the door, and the Grande Dame asks Skin to answer it. He and Penance open the door to find a dragon smoking a cigar standing there.



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