Generation X #7

    Generation X » Generation X #7 - Nights and Bolts released by Marvel on September 1, 1995.

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    Banshee is dreaming of his days as an Interpol officer, tracking a dangerous murderer onto the roof of a castle. Suddenly Emma Frost appears in his dream and starts yelling at him for invading her dream. Banshee tells her it's the other way around and suddenly wakes up. He's asleep on the couch. Since the explosion in the dorms, Emma Frost has surrendered her quarters to the students and in turn, Banshee gave his room to her.

    Banshee storms off to have it out with her, but Emma tells him that she's a telepath, and in such close quarters she occasionally will get dragged into his dreams and then tells him that she has a short list of people she wants to share her nights with, none of whom go by the code name Banshee.

    Banshee apologizes and says that hasn't been sleeping well anyway. Emma asks him if there's something he wants to talk about with her, but he tells her he prefers to keep his private demons private. She then tosses him the sheet she was using to cover herself and strolls back to bed in the nude, telling him that if he ever wants to talk he knows where to find her.

    Outside in the dead of night, Chamber is lurking around being angsty. Husk comes out and talks to him about blowing up the dorms. She thanks him for taking all the blame even though the dorms ended up being demolished when she tried to kiss him. She also thanks him for not telling any of the other students or Emma Frost about the kiss, because it would have been horribly embarrassing if any of them knew. This fills Chamber with even more teen angst and he sarcastically tells her that he understands how embarrassing it would be if anyone knew she was attracted to a monster like him before he storms off.

    From her bedroom window, Jubilee spies on Husk and Chamber before M appears and tells her she is being rude. Jubilee then turns her attention to M and tries to find out what the paper M is holding is. The two pull at it and it ends up ripping in half, revealing the paper to be from a coloring book. Husk comes into the room and yells at Jubilee and tells her to give the paper back. M takes it and flies out of the room.

    Elsewhere on campus, Skin and Synch sneak into the school's Biosphere, Generation X's version of the Danger Room. Artie, Leech, and Penance are all living in the Biosphere, so Skin and Synch build them a tree house. Artie and Leech are really happy, and in spite of his tough guy act, Skin is happy too.

    Somewhere in Ireland, an old woman walks into a bar. She asks to use the phone and announces that she needs to make an urgent call to the United States because she needs to talk to Sean Cassidy.

    Back in Massachusetts, M flies out to the pond where Gateway is meditating. She starts yelling at him about how the school is a waste of her time and the other kids are beneath her. He shushes her and the pair meditate together while floating above the pond.

    Banshee is out on a dock watching them and is soon joined by Emma. Emma tells him that when she was captured by Gene Nation she kicked Leech in the face so she could escape. Banshee tells her he already knew because of Jubilee, Synch, and Skin had told him. Emma tells him she feels like a monster and asks Banshee if she's a terrible person. He tells her that even though she's done some terrible things, she's not a terrible person, but before he is interrupted when Jubilee rushes out of the school to tell Banshee he has a phone call.

    Inside Banshee speaks to the old woman in Ireland who tells him his ancestral manor, Cassidy Keep has disappeared!



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