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Chapter One: The End - Mondo and the wildly mutated, insane Black Tom Cassidy attack and subdue Sean Cassidy. 
Chapter Two: Behind the Eight Ball - Emma Frosts ends a threatening phone call to Tores as she arrives at Xavier's School for the Gifted, only to find it overrun and destroyed by vegetation.  Black Tom psychically subdues her. 
Chapter Three: Cutting to the Chase - Running for her life, Jubilee is captured by Bastion who shoots and apparently kills Mondo. 
Chapter Four: Putting Out the Fire With Gasoline - Howard the Duck and Beverly Switzer are watching the mutant children as they hide in a treehouse in the 'Bio-Sphere'.  Black Tom finds Howard and as the kids escape, he douses Tom with gasoline, then ignites it with his cigar butt. This story later continues in the Daydreamers mini-series.
Chapter Five: The Great Escape - As Black Tom recovers, the Man-Thing emerges from the vegetation, drawn there by the power of Frankilin Richards.  The muck monster transmutes itself, Howard, Beverly and the kids elsewhere. 
Chapter Six: Point of No Return - Penance stalks Tom, and Gateway takes his leave. 
Chapter Seven: Enemy Mine - Black Tom has captured within his thorny vines Sean, Emma, Husk, Synch, M, Chamber and Skin and gives Sean an ultimatum: kill the White Queen and get the students back, or refuse and watch the teens die. 
Chapter Eight: Duel - Sean refuses, but Tom forces Emma to pummel him.  With her last bit of power, Emma possesses Banshee and makes him emit a sonic scream which apparently kills her. 
Chapter Nine: Splitting Heirs - Tom slashes 'Synch' in two, revealing the students are merely simulacra, and the real ones are "elsewhere" under his control.  As he prepares to kill Sean, Tom is shredded by Penance and expires. 
Epilogue: On Land or Sea or Foam... - With Tom no longer controlling the bio-organic transport containing the unconscious Generation X'ers, it floats to the ocean's surface from below, then drifts along.


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