Generation X #20

    Generation X » Generation X #20 - Bodies in Motion released by Marvel on October 1996.

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    Chamber and Skin get a lift from Howard the Duck! Emma Frost experiences a nightmarish psychic vision.

    Bastion and Daria check up on Emplate and Generation X's past, while Generation X welcomes Franklin Richards into the fold, courtesy of his grandfather, Nate Richards.

    Franklin, Artie, and Leech encounter a "blue lady" who needs help. She later turns out to be Tana Nile.

    Meanwhile, Chevy meets with his mysterious blackmailer, a man(?) who told him to take a job at Xavier's school (where Generation X is), lest the authorities hear of his involvement in the killing of a mutant and, thus, serve a life sentence in prison.

    Elsewhere, in California, Chamber and Skin hope to hitch a ride. The, ahem, "person" who ends up offering them a ride turns out to be none other than Howard the Duck.

    This issue also featured a Heroes Reborn Update featuring the original Fantastic Four, Captain America (Steve Rogers), and a mysterious elderly individual named Abraham "Abe" Wilson (better known as The Falcon).


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