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The Best Of The Series So Far...

I can't say that I care much for this art style.  For one, I'm not able to tell the difference between Kenji and Teon.  
The Good: 
All the characters, simply put.  The way that they are depicted in this comic is superb.  When Logan, or Charles, or Erik talks, it's them, there's no real other way to describe them.  In other words, Mr. Gillen really, really get these characters.  We can ever extend that thinking to Hope and her new lights and say that their characterizations, currently being defined, are heading in a pretty decent direction as well.  I still can't get over Gabriel's sort of annoying nature (especially his stupid "let's go shopping" shite) and I don't care much for Kenji, but I really like Teon, there's just something about him that's pretty cool.   
The Bad:   
Some of the art was a bit weird, but it was not altogether too distracting.  Also, as I've mentioned up there, I have an issue with Gabriel's or Kenji's character; I haven't found yet why I should care for them. 


After reading all four other issues leading up to this, and getting more "light" stuff, we get more character development and more hints that may lead to some really interesting tales in the future of this series 

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