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Generation Hope #16 Review

Generation Hope #16 Review


Kenji finally makes his move against Hope and Hope’s previous actions take their toll on the rest of Utopia

The Good:

One thing I really like about this conflict between Kenji and Hope is that Hope isn’t really the good guy here. Kenji brings up very valid points about Hope’s actions and how she could easily become the most powerful person in the word. Also it shows that Hope is not the strategist that Cable was and tried to teach her to be and that Kenji is a smart guy, eliminating variables and making sure that his plan works out how he wants.

The way James Asmus presents the story is also very interesting because this issue really gets into Kenji’s powers and how they work. It makes you wonder what was real and what wasn’t. Also Takeshi Miyazawa’s art is fantastic, I wish he did every issue.

The Bad:

Kenji has a very intricate plan to eliminate the rest of the team so he can get Hope alone to kill her, while most of it makes sense and plays on events that have been developing for a long time, like Emma’s dislike of Hope, I found it strange that he was able to so easily convince Emma to his plan of action. Also when did the Cuckoo’s get involved and mess with Teon, it could be coincidence though.

I recently found out that the series was ending soon, which is a disappointment because these characters will fall into limbo and while most of the characters had an arc or at least an issue to themselves, Transonic did not.


I really enjoyed this issue and it is nice to see Kenji’s plan come together as he has been working on it since issue 4. The character development was surprising (in a good way) and the art was fantastic and the writing was solid. The next issue promises to be interesting.

4.5 out of 5

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