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    All-new All different...AGAIN???????

    Look its the I mean the New Mu...ah Generation X? No...New X-...darn...hmmm lets see how about the Youn...
    Oh i got it! Generation Hope...the newest next generation of mutants! Really? Again? Did we really need an entire other book for this team when we have X-men: Legacy wasting away filled with second tier characters in mildly entertaining stories that just exist to showcase Rogue and Magneto getting together? Dont take this the wrong way...I am thrilled that the mutant race is at least beginning to get on track but with all the hype that surrounded Hope's return (anyone who reads my stuff knows I'm less then thrilled by the lack of exciting return of this less then exciting redhead) I was really hoping to get more into her destiny and her purpose in the whole M-Day fiasco.  Now instead we are getting a brand new book (great way to get more money from us) about brand new people who once again are scared by new powers and need to be taught and lead and sheparded around...lead by Hope, who barely knows what her own deal is and is now going to help these new kids as well??  And to be honest, since the New Mutants are back together and the New and Young X-men all still hang together (poor Gen X didnt quite make the cut), how many next-gen groups do we need at once?  I may even have been able to get on board with a solo Hope book that dealt jsut with her but these new kids jsut seem to be a bit too much.  Now all that being said the story itself was great!  I was wondering over in Uncanny X-men about where was this fifth light and it occurred to me that no one said all the new mutants had to be good ones!  And I am incredibly intrigued by this new boy Kenji and I cant wait to see if his powers are really that incredible or if they are just spazzing out half developed like the others only worse.  Also, I think that Teon is hilarious!  Not so much a part of the team as he is Hope's pet he really brings back memories of Wildchild during his blond X-factor days.  His "inappropriate" handling of the furniture and Idie's reaction to it were priceless!  Overall a great book but i still question whether it needed to be created or not.

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