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    Character » General Zakharov appears in 24 issues.

    Zakharov is a Russian general known by his comrades as "Man of Stone" because of his doings during the Afghanistan military occupation by Soviet troops.

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    Zakharov led massacres during the Soviet–Afghan War and once during a raid a woman begged him to take care of her child. On the cliffs far away there were Mujahideen ready to attack. Zakharov walked slowly till the edge of a cliff and suddenly threw the baby down hill.

    This shocked everyone, even his own men and the hidden Mujahideen lost their mind when seeing this and blew their cover when starting to shoot at him but it ended in their death. This event earned him the title of 'Man of Stone'.

    Mother Russia

    When the Punisher was sent to infiltrate a Russian Nuclear Silo to steal a sample of Barbarossa virus made during the Chechen War, the Russian government sent Zakharov to oversee the effort to subdue the insurrection of the silo. While one of the generals at the silo area believed that it was terrorists who were responsible for the insurrection (the terrorist cell that Rawlins trained in Saudi Arabia hijacked a plane that was heading to Moscow from Ridyah), Zakharov was adament about the Americans having a hand in it.

    He was also followed by his assistant/henchmen, who was only referred to as "The Mongolian" who was murdered in a long harsh fight against Punisher.

    Man of Stone

    The General found and almost castrated Rawlins. The two captured Castle and O'Brien and tried to interrogate them on a helicopter but it crashed and left Zakharov paralyzed. Rawlins abandoned him there and after some hours Castle crushes his head with a big rock.


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