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Weir was a general in the Galactic Empire, who frequently employed harsh interrogation and torture. Following the death of Emperor Palpatine at the Battle of Endor, he launched a campaign he called a "Counter-Rebellion", meant to put down growing support for the Rebel Alliance.

At one point during this campaign, Weir and his Storm Commandos attacked the city of Coronet on the planet Corellia. Weir's men managed to capture Rebel pilot Ten Numb, who was taken to an Imperial base on the planet Tralus and severely tortured, ultimately dying from his injuries. Several other members of Rogue Squadron tracked Weir down, and he attempted to escape in a TIE interceptor. Wedge Antilles commandeered a TIE fighter and shot Weir down, but opted not to kill him, believing that doing so would not bring justice for all he killed on Corellia.

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