General Snozzie

    Character » General Snozzie appears in 79 issues.

    General Snozzie is the "the Junior Woodchucks' official hound", a tracker they use to locate missing persons. He has on occasion helped Scrooge on his archaeological missions.

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    General Snozzie is given an impressive introduction by Barks. He has two trainloads of trophies won in tracking competitions. He can breathe and track under water through a special nose filter. He can track up in the air when using a special balloon jacket.  He can track a man in rubber shoes through a fish market.
    He does not need his eyesight; he can track by Braille. He can cross frozen seas on drifting ice floes. He can track whirling dervishes through the center of a cyclone. He can climb ladders, greased poles, and swaying cables.

    Later stories by Barks add further abilities. He is of very top-grade intelligence. He is wary of traps and planted bones. He is a Ph.D., a B.Sc., and an Ed.D.
    He is a D.O.G. (Doctor of Odd-ball Gimmickry). He can resist the come-hither essence of Burgerbalm. He outsmarts a roll-up sidewalk. He has too much education. He can open a locked gate. He wins the medal of Extreme Gumption. 
    He can sound a deer call, a bear call, and a lion call. He tracks streams, rocks, and bushes. He wins the Junior Woodchuck's Supreme Medal of Overwhelming Tracking Merit.He rescues drowning people. He receives ten merit badges and the title of K.I.N.G. (Knightly, Intrepid, Natatorial Guardian). He is working for points to B.T.H.H.M. (Bucket To Hold His Medals). He withstands the tempting smell of sautéed nightingales' fetlock in dumpling gravy.He is the most peerless of trackers. He can track an India rubber man across a bargeload of red herrings. He can follow the spoor of an ant through a herd of angry skunks.


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