General Slaycroft

    Character » General Slaycroft appears in 10 issues.

    A one shot character from a Batman story in the post-Crisis universe.

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    General Timothy Slaycroft was the training officer at Fort Fritts until a routine investigation revealed that eighteen men had died under his watch over a forty year career. That led to a court martial and discharge, his otherwise exemplary record of service keeping him from serving any jail time. Wishing to save face and restore his reputation as a cunning general, Slaycroft hooked up with designer drug expert and recently fired Gotham University professor Dr. Randolph Porter. They sought to create a small army of mind-controlled super soldiers with enhanced strength and sell them to the highest bidder. Slaycroft and Porter decided that Batman would make the ultimate test subject and devised a plot that would sacrifice Porter's daughter and get Batman to willingly submit to taking the drugs that Porter had concocted.

    The plan worked for a time, and it looked like Batman would become their mind-numbed, drug addicted pawn. However, Batman overcame the drugs and Slaycroft and Porter fled to Santa Prisca. There the experiments continued, with Slaycroft submitting his intellectually impaired and gentle-natured son to the experimentation. Successful in creating a small five man army of mind controlled super soldiers, Slaycroft and Porter looked to be successful until Batman came to Santa Prisca in pursuit. Batman battled Slaycroft's son, Timothy Jr, and was defeated, leading to Slaycroft and Porter locking Batman in the dungeon of an old Spanish castle. With Batman seemingly out of the way, Slaycroft had decided his partner Porter was unreliable and began to torture him into revealing the formula for his strength enhancing drug. As Slaycroft was preparing to kill Porter, Batman, who had managed to escape the dungeon, burst onto the scene and confronted the men.

    In the melee, Porter managed to turn Slaycroft's son against him by playing a voice recording of Slaycroft giving the out-of-context command, "kill me". The robot-like Timothy Jr. had no choice but to obey his father and snapped the general's neck.


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