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    Character » General Sam Lane appears in 350 issues.

    The father of Lois Lane with a strong hatred for Kryptonians, he is currently involved with the Suicide Squad.

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    Sam Lane is the father of Lois Lane and Lucy Lane and husband of Ella Lane.

    Character Evolution

    He was made Secretary of Defense when Lex Luthor became President. This led to some conflict between Lois and her father. She was trying to prove that Lex was wicked, especially during the build up to the Imperiex War. While the war was going on, Sam was apparently killed by an Imperiex probe.

    Major Story Arcs

    Old Ghosts

    Sam Lane's ghost appears to Lois whilst she is trapped in a car. They begin to talk through their unsettled problems. The last scene of the issue shows the "ghost" leaning against a wall and watching the sunrise. This implies that General Lane might still be alive.

    Superman: New Krypton

    General Sam Lane is, in fact, alive and well. He 'drafts' Lex Luthor in what he believes will be a battle against a Kryptonian invasion (Now that the city of Kandor has been liberated from Brainiac). He has also re-invented Metallo as one of his agents, recruited Reactron, and developed an anti-Kryptonian team called The Human Defense Corps.

    Using Reactron as a living bomb, Lane destroys the entire planet of New Krypton effectively committing genocide against the Kryptonian race, leaving only the Kryptonian military already on its flight towards Earth.

    War of the Superman

    Near the end of the 100 Minute War, after having his team defeated and being captured by Supergirl, Lane decides to take his own life rather than face the world for the crimes that he committed. He was deemed a hero by the media for protecting humanity against the Kryptonian invasion but his daughter, Lois Lane, promised to reveal General Lane's wrong deeds.

    New 52

    General Sam Lane is working for the military and was working with civilian Lex Luthor to capture the newly named Superman. Lane later becomes a US senator and attempts to personally arrest Superman after Lois reveals Clark's identity to the world. However, Superman manages to escape before Lane arrives

    Other Media


    Michael Ironside plays the role of Sam Lane.

    In SmallVille
    In SmallVille

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