General Marius

    Character » General Marius appears in 6 issues.

    General Marius is a mad gorilla general who wants to take over Ape City and the planet.

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    General Marius so far is being supplied very advanced weapons by a shadowy partner, who he is hesitant to trust. However all he wishes to do is conquer his world with an army of supporters who share his dream.

    Marius's gorilla soldiers pursue Kirk and his away team, but Kirk uses his phaser on the stun setting to keep them at bay. Marius and his new ally Kor are made aware of the gorilla soldier who was hit by a beam of light and rendered unconscious. Marius wonders if Kor has anything to do with it and wonders if these so called friends of his will hinder their plans. Which Kor assures Marius that they shall not.

    More of Marius' backstory is explained in the third issue. Apparently some time ago, a squad of gorilla soldiers were sent to the Forbidden Zone. Doctor Zaius asked them to, because as the ape population grows, their space and ability to grow crops is dwindling. There was only one survivor of the excursion though, but it drove him mad. A possible reference to the mutant population that lives in the undergrounds of the Forbidden Zone. This made Marius very angry and he wants to avenge the fallen ape soldiers, but Zaius will not. This must have been a major catalyst to accept Commander Kor's help to topple Zaius' regime.

    Marius believes that the time to move against Zaius was approaching and Kor agreed. Kor gifted Marius with new battle armor and even a Klingon weapon. Soon Marius and his forces begin their ride on horseback towards Ape City. That way he can conquer the Planet of the Apes in the name of the Klingon Empire.


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