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    An ex-USMC general who was kicked out for sadism and fled United States to avoid court martial.

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    General Kriegkopf and his mercenaries
    General Kriegkopf and his mercenaries

    General Kriegkpof was a general in the United States Marine Corps. He served in Vietnam and Iraq and moved through the ranks quickly. Kriegkopf is known for his complete barbarism rewarding his troops by having them rape locals in a war zone, pillage villages, and bayonet prisoners of war. He was especially known for his working for the CIA doing black op missions for the company outside of congressional oversight. Later his sadism caught up to him when he beat a young Marine in front of a CNN camera crew causing the youth to become paralyzed for life. General Kriegkopf was stripped of his command and military rank by the military. Before his court martial he escaped out of the country with help from the CIA and ended up on Grand Nixon Island.


    Issue #2
    Issue #2

    The character General Kreigkopf was created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon during their Punisher Marvel Knights run.

    Character Evolution

    General Kreigkopf was originally a general in the US Marine Corps but after being stripped of his command and rank and set up his own mercenary outfit with the help of the CIA on Grand Nixon Island. General Kriegkopf decided he wanted his mercenary outfit to get involved in terrorism viewing it as a way to dramatically increase his profits and scare nations to the point where they wouldn't try to interfere with his activities.

    His first goal was to create a super assassin that would allow him to kill anyone who would pay for him for his killer's service. Using scientists in his outfit he stole Shield cyborg and resurrection technology and brought the Russian back from the dead to become his ultimate assassin.

    Major Story Arcs

    Army of One

    General Kreigkopf revives the Russian turning him into a killer transgender cyborg to be his ultimate assassin. The Russian agrees to be his assassin if he is allowed one more shot at killing the Punisher which Kreigkopf agrees to. General Kreigkopf gets President George W. Bush to make sure the authorities won't interfere in the Russian's battle against the Punisher. During the battle the Russian when the Russian was about to kill Frank Castle when Spiderman showed up and saved his life.

    Even though the Russian defeated Spiderman the Punisher's quick thinking beat the Russian and General Kreigkopf took the Russian back to Grand Nixon Island and told him he failed at his one chance of killing the Punisher and now it was time for him to be his assassin which the Russian agrees to. General Kreigkopf also made arrangements to allow the French government to use his island as a refueling stop to do a nuclear bomb test. The General looking to gain as much influence and profit as he could planned to gain favor at the very least from the French government despite hating the French with a passion or gain access to a nuclear weapon.

    The Punisher shoots General Kreigkopf
    The Punisher shoots General Kreigkopf

    Just a few days after the General arrived back on the island he gets a report of a man loose on his island killing his mercenaries. The General sends his former Special Forces mercenaries after the intruder and they end up being slaughtered which causes the General some concern but he continues on with his plans of using the Russian to assassinate a high profile target in Europe. Just as the Russian and a 100 of the General's mercenaries board a 747 and are about to take off they spot the intruder killing people on the island. The intruder blasts the 747's engine as it’s taking off with a grenade launcher causing it to blow up and crash into the island's fuel depot destroying it.

    The General hears of this and realizes the Punisher is on his island and curses himself for thinking the Punisher wouldn't go after him sends the Russian after and most of his mercenaries after him. The General then takes control of the French government plane planning on using the nuclear bomb on it to destroy Brussels and kill the leaders of Europe. Just as that plane is taking off the Punisher confront General Kreigkopf and shoots him fatally wounding him but doesn't finish and goes after the plane with the nuclear bomb.

    The Russian hears this and manages to catch up to the plane and climb on board. The General watches the whole time losing blood refusing medical attention wanting to see the Punisher die. A few minutes after takeoff the general sees the bomb falling out of the sky directly above Grand Nixon Island and screams in rage "NO!" just before the island is destroyed along with everyone else on it.

    Other Media

    Video Game

    The Punisher (2005)

    General Kreigkopf makes an appearance in the 2005 Punisher video game. He is voiced by Bob Joles.


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