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    James Ewell Brown Stuart was a General of the Confederate Cavalry who died during the battle of Richmond in 1864.

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    General James Ewell Brown (JEB) Stuart became famous during the battle of the Bull Run. He was placed in command of the Cavalry under General Robert E. Lee but was fatally wounded in 1864 at Yellow Tavern, Virginia, during the battle of Richmond. Shortly after America became involved in World War 2, the spirit of Alexander the Great assigned the ghost of General Stuart to act as guardian to the Stuart M3 tank commanded by the general's namesake, Sgt. Jeb Stuart.


    JEB Stuart is a historical person.

    World War II

    Only Sgt. Stuart, who was later promoted to Lieutenant, and people who are dying can see and hear the general's ghost. Lt. Stuart's crew thinks that he merely imagines the ghost and is partly crazy, but they have complete faith in his combat skills. The general's ghost is allowed to counsel his namesake, but can only give him warnings in cryptic ways. Lt. Stuart has lost various tanks in battle, and most recently has been in command of a Sherman.

    His crew consisted of Private Rick Rawlings, the gunner; Corporal Slim Stryker, the driver; and Corporal Arch Asher, the loader. Asher was killed inside a German tank that caught fire and exploded. He was replaced by Corporal Gus Gray, a black Olympic athlete. Stryker, while temporarily acting as gunner was replaced as driver by Sgt. Bill Craig, who had served for 30 years in the army, first with the horse cavalry and then in a tank in World War 1. The Haunted Tank then took on its fourth crew member, Eddie Craig, who is Bill's son. Eddie became the new loader, allowing Gus to become the Tank's second gunner. Apart from Stuart himself, the only surviving member of the original crew is Rick Rawlings. It is not known whether they survived World War 2. Jeb Stuart survived to America's bicentennial. He became an American History teacher at Calvin College. He met Gravedigger, The Losers, and Mademoiselle Marie at a pub. The only other surviving member of the Haunted Tank is Pvt. Rick Rawlings.

    Doctor 13: Architecture and Morality

    Doctor 13, Anthro, I..Vampire, Genius Jones, Infectious Lass, Captain Fear, The ghost of Jeb Stuart, and Julius of The Primate Patrol, were able to justify their existence to the Architect's for their continued existence. The others minus 13 went after Black Manta for kidnapping Captain Fear.

    The Haunted Tank (Vertigo)

    In the Vertigo, Haunted Tank series, Jeb is taken aback to discover that his current soldier descendant is an African-American sergeant named Jamal who despises everything J.E.B. Stuart stood for, especially his espousal of the institution of slavery. However, J.E.B.'s honor requires him to support Jamal fully, and Jamal cannot entirely refuse help from a man--or ghost--who has repeatedly saved his life and the lives of his men, and so an uneasy partnership is begun.

    New 52

    In 2012, years after the war, Jeb Stuart is alive with Alzheimer's and using his sword to attack and scratch his Sherman Tank into the walls of his house. Jeb Stuart's Great Great Grandson is in the Iraq War. He has a picture of it in his house. The Haunted Tank escapes the top secret base underground, called the Black Room. The Navy seals arrive at Jeb's house to get the tank and Jeb enters the tank and it attacks the Navy seals and the helicopter that has arrived to take the tank and JEB Stewart away. The tank and JEB Stuart disappeared and they arrive in Iraq to get his Great Great Great Grandson and his crew from being hostages. After talking to his Great Great Grandson and helping his crew in prepare to fight in the Middle East. The men that the young Stuart was in charge of die from their wounds and are buried soon after leaving the firefight. The tank teleports from Afghanistan to the North Pole. The tank trips a laser trap and drones descend on the tank. The Great Great Grandson looks topside and sees an advanced German World War II War Wheel. The new War Wheel is being driven by Rommel's Grandson. Sgt. Stuart climbs the wheel and sees Rommel powering the wheel and shots him after his grandfather is fatally wounded. Jeb Stuart, not a fan of reunions kills Rommel by stabbing him, who is controlling the War Wheel. Sgt Stuart and his grandfather ran back into the Haunted Tank and the grandfather said to his grandson you are a Stuart and he saw his tank crew as ghosts and said to them see you soon and died in the Haunted Tank. They had a memorial at the military funeral and Steve Trevor sees the grandson and gives him his grandfather's sword. Steve Trevor asks the grandson does he hear the voice of the genera. The grandson says no. Steve Trevor left and the grandson said thank you grandpa and the voice says your welcome. The Haunted Tank is now back at the top secret room of ARGUS where it was being stored.


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