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Presumably the son of Tribune Haight, the General rises in power and prominence after the fall of Apocalypse. As he does so, it is his goal, and that of the New Canaanites, to see Apocalypse returned to glory by any means necessary.


First written by Fabian Nicieza and drawn by Art Thibert.

Major Story Arcs

Though not much is known of General Haight, he proves to be a mighty mover and shaker. Constantly determined to bring Apocalypse back to power, General Haight takes some drastic measures to prevent the rise of anyone that can thwart Apocalypse.

One of General Haight's plans is to alter Tyler Dayspring. He captures the already unstable boy and further messes with him and sends him into the past to take out Cable. Tyler, however, refutes his programming and becomes an arms dealer named Mr. Tolliver.

Haight, angered that his plan with Tyler has gone awry, puts into motion an experimental cyborg named Sinsear to destroy Tyler, as well as Cable. General Haight tests Sinsear to the point that the cyborg kills millions of people before being dispatched to the past. Sinsear fails when Cable defeats him via brains instead of brawn.

In addition to preventing the hopeful rise of Apocalypse, General Haight is bent on destroying present factions that oppose his general rule by employing Rowdies, ruffians that give questionable citizens painful warnings to keep them in line. At one point, Garrison Kane, a guest of the future, looks into sensitive documents that tips General Haight off that Kane is involved with a rebel force. Haight takes drastic measures and hires the Flatliners to eradicate the rebels.


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