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Joseph Jones was and American GI during WWII. Sometime during the war,Jones was granted super human powers by "Lady Liberty." By reciting the oath "Lady of Liberty, hear my plea, for the land of the brave and the home of the free!" he would be granted powers far above and beyond normal men.


Created as a pastiche of Captain America and other World War II era patriotic heroes. General Glory's arch-nemesis shared his name (Schmidt) with Captain America's foe.

Major Story Arcs

Captain Schmidt was a "mad scientist" whose pathetic devices backfired and his plans to destroy Glory always failed because he was incompetent. Before, and after his encounter with the comic book, Glory was slowly and doggedly pursued by Schmidt, who tended to show up and demolish whatever building Glory was in at the time.

Like other Axis Villains, he was obsessed with killing his arch foe to the point that it was the goal of his life. Schmidt even caused the death of many of his old Nazi friends (and their nurses) in order to acquire more machinery with which to kill Glory.

A comic book was published so that people would believe him to be a fictional character.

Guy Gardner found Jones in a nursing home and he would later join the Justice League of America. He served only briefly until a heart attack. Police officer Donovan Wallace shared a hospital room with the dying Jones. The two men would become friends and when Jones died his powers were transferred to Wallace by Lady Liberty. Jones and Wallace become General Glory when pledging his life to Lady Liberty.


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