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Joseph Jones was and American soldier part of a squad during WWII. During a mission, in the european war scenery, he and his team were bombarded by a german plane with a toxic gas. Meanwhile his whole squad died, Jones survived and saw himself in a vision with the "Lady Liberty" who granted him super human powers. By reciting the oath "Lady of Liberty, hear my plea, for the land of the brave and the home of the free!" he would be granted powers far above and beyond normal men becoming America's favorite son, General Glory.


Created as a pastiche/parody of Captain America and other World War II era patriotic heroes, many of the stories of General Glory are parodies to Captain America stories. General Glory's arch-nemesis, Evil Eye, shared his name (Schmidt) with Captain America's archfoe, The Red Skull.

Major Story Arcs

Glory Bound

To be a more effective agent, his bosses used a comic book was published with his adventures so that people would believe him to be a fictional character. This cover was useful, even when he had to go against enemies as the Evil Eye, a mad nazi scientist. However, after his war efforts, General Glory vanished mysteriously, with his comic also stopping being published. By the modern times, he was believed to be only an old comic book character.

The truth was, the General had grow an amnesic old man, who had only fragmented memories of his old life, always pursued for his archnemesis, the Evil Eye, as old as him and the old soldier always running away. However he was capable of remember his old life when a comic revealing his origin was announced to be auctioned. The search for the comic made the General to meet Guy Gardner, who was his fan. To surprise of the disbeliever Gardner, the fragil oldman, after reciting his oath, transformed into the legendary General Glory.

He joined the Justice League unofficially until federal agents appeared to arrest him, accused the General of treason. Unable to confirm if he was guilty because of his memory problems, the General surrender to the agents.

With the help of the Justice League America, General Glory discovered the circunstances of his amnesia and found how he was betrayed by his old ally Newkirk Sharp with the unvoluntary help of his old enemy, the Evil Eye. With his name clean, he joined the Justice League until the international branch was disbanded.

Many of the adventures related to General Glory are possible to be fake, to keep his cover as an agent in the war. That means than characters like Yellow Fang, Rick Feral and the agency BULWARK could not exist.


The General continued as an active hero, helping the Justice League in others crisis. However after he helped the League to defeat the Overmaster, the change back to Joe Jones was too much for his fragile body and he suffered a heart attack.

In the hospital and feeling his time running out, Jones meet police officer Donovan Wallace who shared a hospital room with the dying Jones. The two men would become friends and before Jones died his powers were transferred to Wallace by Lady Liberty.


After Rebirth, General Glory has been show alive. Depiste his advanced age, it seems like Jones is again alive and active as the hero he used to be. This time however General Glory is in charge of secret operations, enlistenig the help of Red Hood, Bizarro and Artemis against the entities known as the Untitled.

The Outlaws and the General infiltrated themselves in Qurac to discover which were the Untitled plans, but the General was possessed by the creatures. The Outlaws couldnt' prevent the Untitled to open a door to the Chamber of All, In this no place, Jason Todd used an spiritual blade to freed the General of his possession. He the general revealed which was the Untitled plans: to freed the demon Trigon and with the access to the Chamber of All, give him power over all the realitites. Now, the Outlaws are in a suicide mission to stop the multidimensional demon.


Jones and Wallace become General Glory when pledging his life to Lady Liberty. As the General, Jones was at peak human performance, has superstrength and augmented agility. He also had the standart GI training and combat experience.


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