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    General Franky is a mech created by combining the Black Rhino FR-U IV and Brachio Tank Unit V. It was created by Franky.

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    One Piece Vol. 64 JPN (Nov 2011)
    One Piece Vol. 64 JPN (Nov 2011)

    The General Franky (フランキー将軍, Furankī Shōgun) is a combined robot from the manga/anime series One Piece that was created by Eiichiro Oda. The series first began serialization in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine on August 4, 1997. It first appeared in One Piece Volume 64 CH. 636 "The General from the Land of the Future".

    Major Story Arcs

    Fish-Man Island Arc

    It was during the battle of the Straw Hat Pirates against the New Fish-Man Pirates at Fish-Man Island that Franky revealed his two new inventions, the Black Rhino FR-U IV then the Brachio Tank Unit V. They both were performing well in the fight, but the ground was later filled with pitfalls to stop both vehicles. With both crashed inside the same hole, Franky tossed Usopp, Nami, and Chopper from the tank, then combined them with him inside to make the Iron Pirate "Franky Shogun". The boys were ecstatic, but the girl's didn't see the big deal.

    Punk Hazard Arc

    Weapons & Attacks


    • Marauder's Sword - "Franken" (フラン剣 Furanken):


    • General Ashimoto Dangerous: The General Ashimoto Dangerous(将軍足元危険(ジェネラルあしもとデンジャラス) Jeneraru Ashimoto Denjarasu): is a sword based attack using the Fraken sword.
    • Franky Cannon: The Franky Cannon attack is simply Franky opening the hatch of the mech and firing a hand held cannon.
    • General Weight: The General Weight (将軍おもみ Jeneraru Omomi) attack is a simple double-fisted slam to the ground, but with the robot's incredible weight. It can create a massive shock wave.

    Other Media


    One Piece (1999)

    The One Piece animated series is a direct adaptation of Oda's original manga.. It's produced by TOEI Animation and first began airing in October 20, 1999. The General Franky's first anime appearance is in One Piece - Episode 557 "Iron Pirate! Here Comes General Franky!", which aired on September 29, 2012.


    One Piece Film: Z (2012)


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