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    One of the biggest threats to the Red Hulk. He is determined to avenge the death of his mentor General Thunderbolt Ross by killing the Red Hulk, without realising the Red Hulk's true identity. Eventually becomes a new incarnation of Abomination.

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    While Thunderbolt Ross was still a general in the US Military he trained a soldier named Fortean. He taught him everything he knew about fighting the Hulk, including strategies that he himself used to try and disable the rampaging beast. When Ross had to fake his own death , Fortean was promoted to a two star general after convincing his superiors that drastic actions had to be taken against the red beast that had "killed" one of their own and attacked the White House. His first request was to continue where Ross had left off. This request was quickly denied, but that was not the end of Fortean's plans. He met with some other generals, who were once friends of Ross, and they all pledged there excess budgets to Fortean for the soul purpose of taking down the Red Hulk.

    Not only does Fortean know the weaknesses of the standard green Hulk, but he also has the knowledge recorded by General Ross into attacking a rogue Hulk. Unluckily for him, the Red Hulk is not anywhere near like his green counterpart in terms of knowledge and strategy, allowing for the two to battle on ironic fields; Fortean the Hulk hunter, Red Hulk, the prey (once a Hulk hunter himself). Despite the various times General Fortean has tried to kill Red Hulk, the hulk still tries to protect him when he can, even if his methods are seen instead as a ploy to gain civilian favorability and to make it seem as if he's a sot, gentle teddy bear Hulk, and not a ruthless, raging monster.


    General Reginald Fortean was created by Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman and first appeared in Hulk #30.1 (2011).

    Major Story Arcs

    Hulk of Arabia

    Lower Mantoba Province, Canada:

    Fortean in the Redeemer Armor, battles Red Hulk. He is able to hit him with at least two blasts from the Redeemer's cannon, but receives a message from Home Base, and leaves. Leaving the Red Hulk to wonder what was more important then their fight. Red Hulk later learns it was the death of, former Colonel, William Krugauer.

    State of Sharzhad, Middle East; Days later, Fortean arrives in Sharzhad,just in time to stop the Red Hulk from continuity beating on Sultan Magus, and orders Red Hulk to stand down. He informs the Red Hulk that the Arab League came to an agreement to let Magus run Sharzhad, and that Steve Rodgers has order the Red Hulk to stop all aggressions towards Magus. Red Hulk obeys and leaves while Fortean and Magus discuss the Leagues ruling.

    Red She-Hulk: Hell Hath No Fury

    Undisclosed Location: Fortean has brought government officials and finical backer out to see a testing of his Echelon Project, the test is going well but then the Red She-Hulk shows up and interrupts the test. She beats up E1 to a pulp and threaten Fortean, shut down the Project or else. This event give Fortean the go ahead to continue with his Project with unlimited funding.

    Deseched Island, Puerto Rico, Echelon Training Facilaty: Remmick, a telepath Echelon, alerts Fortean to the presence of the Red She-Hulk in the base. Fortean calls a Echelon Alert, but all his soldiers are not enough to stop a hulked out Red She-Hulk. Fortean dons his Redeemer Armor and pulls Red She-Hulk into a gravity well. Just when it looks like Fortean has the Red She-Hulk trapped, Machine Man releases her and the two are gone.

    Walter Reed National Military Medical Center: Fortean shows Captain America the effects of the Red She-Hulks last rampage. Fortean then convinces Captain America to tell him who the Red She-Hulk really is. Captain America must of told him cause later a US Military along with two echelon soldiers try to capture Betty Ross, before she could Hulk out.

    Immortal Hulk

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    Fortean took over US Hulk Operations, working out of Shadow Base, in order to study and weaponize gamma mutation. His big plan was to combine the corpse of Rick Jones with the corpse of the Abomination to attack the Hulk. Hulk defeated this thing by ripping Rick from the body of the Abomination. Frustrated, Fortean put on special armor and went to the Alpha Flight Space Station to retrieve the Abomination remains from Gamma Flight, Alpha Flight's own Hulk operations. This is resulted in him killing both Doc Samson and Sasquatch.

    When he grabbed the Abomination remains, it bonded to him granting him gamma strength and acid vomit. He was going to use his new abilities to lead Hulk Operations against the Hulk. Unfortunately, Hulk and Fortean beat each other to death and both enter the Below Place, the underworld of gamma mutates, together. There, Banner's soul, driven by the Joe Fixit identity, breaks Fortean's neck, stopping him from entering the Green Door and returning to the corporeal world.


    The Thunderbolt- A air command center with a con tower and tracking array.

    Redeemer Armor w/ gravity guns

    Walking Weapons- Spheres that make controllable rock soldiers that can last at least 2 hours.


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