General Blue

    Character » General Blue appears in 62 issues.

    A general of the red ribbon army he was defeated by tao.

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    Powers and Abilities

    General Blue is described as the most powerful soldier in the Red Ribbon Army. He has some level of enhanced strength and durability. He was able to survive being shocked by an electric eel and then killed it with his bare hands. He seems to be based on the Third Reich's ideal man since he is obviously superhuman, German, blond, and blue eyed. General Blue is an accomplished solider and tactician and is seen using a variety of firearms ranging from machine guns, shotguns, and rocket launchers. He is also a proficient pilot/ General Blue's strongest ability is his psychic ability to paralyze people via his eyes.


    Hypnosis Technique - General Blue is able to hypnotize animals and weaker minded individuals to do his bidding.

    Paralyzing Gaze - General Blue will command an opponent "Look into my eyes" and while surrounded by a blue aura he will paralyze his opponent allowing them to be freely attacked.

    Telekinesis - General Blue is able to launch tree sized objects via telekinesis. This technique puts a strain on General Blue.


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