General Akbar

    Character » General Akbar appears in 5 issues.

    General Akbar is a strategic genius and an enemy of all things American or Diggers.

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    Akbar was born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. He grew up and rose through the ranks of the Saudi government, amassing a fortune though negotiations of unregulated arms deals. While brilliant when it comes to strategy, Akbar's ego, as well as his lusts, have often been his downfall. He will use tactics, technology, and overwhelming firepower to overcome his foes.

    Major Story Arcs

    Curse of Tyranthrax

    General Akbar's first encounter with the Diggers Sisters was in the deserts of Iran at the tomb of Tyranthrax, the world's first ruler. The General was in the middle of an arms deal when Gina and Britanny came along. Though at the time he was unaware of their presence, since they were hiding on a cliff above. They were quickly spotted when Gina let out a powerful sneeze. All of Akbar's forces chased after Gina and Britanny with all the weapons and vehicles they had amassed. Even before they knew who they were. During the chase, Akbar recognized Gina Diggers from CNN news broadcasts. Thinking this American blond had just come to raid the 'homeland' only increased his fury to capture her. Gina attempted to lose the mercenaries at her heels by kicking up a dust cloud with her Gina-mobile MK VI. The object wasn't to outrun Akbar's men, but to allow the girls to jump out and let the Gina-mobile lead them away via remote. Thinking the plan had worked, Britanny busted open the entrance to the tomb. Unknown to them was that Akbar had predicted the girl's trick and followed suit. Knowing that Gina Diggers wouldn't of come all this way for nothing, he planned to wait outside of the tomb for Gina to appear and then steal her gains as she tried to leave.

    While inside the tomb, Gina and Britanny were tainted by a Bad Luck curse, made a new friend, Genn; and battled with the powerful monster Daemon Mouse.

    The girls barely escaped with their lives, only to run into Akbar and his men. Britanny was able to easily escape with her tremendous werecheetah speed. They couldn't get far when the men that continued to chase the Gina-mobile had returned and commandeered Gina's car. Before Britanny could try and run her shorts had fallen down her legs, due to the Bad Luck curse. With the girls caught they were almost subjected to the lustful desires of these terrorists if it had not for the shape-shifting Genn distracting the pervs by changing into an even more buxom woman. Before they could grasp Genn, she levitated out of the way and into the Gina-mobile to escape with the Diggers sisters.


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