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    Gen is a fearful martial artist that is suffering with terminal leuchemia. His final wish is finding a worthy opponent for a fight to the death. Has a rivalry with Akuma and is the master of Chun-Li, Yun and Yang.

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    Udon Comic

    Gen was one of the few people who defeated Akuma. He could have killed him, but decided not to, because Akuma's murder intent (which Gen had already mastered) had not yet matured inside him.

    One day when Gen was training Chun-Li, an assasin attacked and Gen killed him in retaliation. He swore never to resort to killing again, as a result, his murder intent left him.

    Years later after working with Chun-Li on a case involving Shadaloo and it's DOLLS, Akuma visited Gen once again. Now despite still being a powerful master, he had developed leukemia and was not as strong as he used to be. Akuma regretted that Gen was not as strong as he used to be, but Gen insisted that they fought.

    They clashed, and Gen, taking a few more steps to his bonzai tree, passed away.

    Video game appearances

    • Street Fighter Alpha 2 (first appearance)

    • Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold

    • Street Fighter Alpha 3

    • Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper

    • Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max

    • Street Fighter Alpha Anthology

    • Street Fighter IV
    • Super Street Fighter IV
    • Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

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