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Ayakashi-Majiri Physiology

Gen was an ayakashi-majiri, meaning he's a human who's half ayakashi. Gen's ayakashi half is that of a wolf, and he can either partially transform parts of his body or transform his entire body. Total body transformation is banned, however, as Gen cannot control himself in that state and is a threat to his allies as well as his enemies. The two main traits of an ayakashi-majiri are that they have amazing physical ability and an amazing regenerative ability.

Gen's hand transformed into a claw.
Gen's hand transformed into a claw.

Claws: Gen's fighting style revolves around him either transforming his hands into claws to shred and rip apart his enemies, or transforming his feet into claws to increase his speed. He transforms his whole hand and it takes on a dark brown color. Gen's claws have the strength to slice clean through ayakashi, leave scratch marks in concrete, and even cut through Yoshimori's kekkai.

Healing Factor/Regeneration: Gen is granted a very strong Healing Factor for being half ayakashi. In his first encounter with Masamori, he foolishly charged at his zekkai head-on and had his arms disintegrated, but when he woke up the next morning, both of his arms had grown back to the same they were before. Being on Karasumori increases the speed of his healing, as he grew back both of his arm's almost immediately after having them blown off deflecting Gagin's fireball attack.

Increased Strength: Gen has all of his physical abilities strengthened thanks to his ayakashi half, and although he heavily relies on using his speed to win his battles, he's no stranger to showing off his physical prowess. He's displayed feats of strength such as punching a wall and leaving an indentation of cracks in it, kicking a large bear halfway across Karasumori Academy's roof, kicking an ayakashi larger than himself out of a window, ripping out and throwing small trees, ripping ayakashi limb from limb.

Increased Speed: This is Gen's bread and butter. He has increased speed to the point where he beat up a group of high schoolers, believing they were controlling an ayakashi, and afterwards they admitted they couldn't see him when he was fighting them. Gen has repeatedly shown the ability to leap from rooftop to rooftop and even appear as a blur while fighting, using the walls in a hallway as a jumping off point to continuously attack a spinning ayakashi. Yoshimori has called him "too fast" in the past and in their firs encounter couldn't even enact a kekkai in time to defend against Gen's attack.

Increased Endurance: One of the main trademarks of an ayakashi, as mentioned above, is their impressive physical abilities, and endurance is probably one of the more affected physical attribute. Gen has been taking a whole lot of damage for almost all of his life, from getting beat up by his older brothers when he was young to getting flung at top speed into the ground, strong enough to create a small plume of dirt, only for him to scoff off the damage. While it isn't in Gen's nature to try and test his endurance by taking attacks, he's deflected one of Gagin's larger fireballs that had enough strength to send him flying off his feet and wiped himself off afterwards and was prepared to keep fighting. When his caretaker Atora visited to see his teamwork with the Kekkaishi, Gen was struck by Raizo's electrical discharge and fell at least one story straight onto his head, but simply brushed off any of the damage.

Increased Sense of Smell: Although it's not shown whether or not his other senses were enhanced, Gen's sense of smell has shown superhuman capabilities. He was able to sniff out an ayakashi user from across his school, he's able to track ayakashi at night with his sense of smell, and he was able to pick up Kaguro's scent despite him wearing a human skin, which was specifically designed to smell like any other ordinary human. This is most likely due to his ayakashi half being that of a wolf.

Gen's full transformation.
Gen's full transformation.

Transformation: Gen's full body transformation sees him turn into a large wold capable of walking on two legs. He retains his five digits on each hand, the same claws from his partial transformation, grows a long mane of hair, and is covered in a dark brown fur. This form increases his already impressive strength and speed even more so than his usual levels, capable of uprooting trees with a punch and slicing through multiple ones with a single slash of his claws. The drawback to using this form, however, is that Gen's mind becomes clouded and he has trouble differentiating between friend and foe.

Strong Will

Hakubi states that for an ayakashi-majiri to have achieved the level of skill that Gen did, he would have had to endure excruciating pain and training to keep the urges of his ayakashi half under wraps and in control. A strong will is basically required, otherwise the individual will be overrun by the ayakashi half and start to transform and become more and more dangerous.


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