Gen 13 #66

    Gen 13 » Gen 13 #66 - Meanwhile released by DC Comics on August 1, 2001.

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    A special "all-subplot" issue jam-packed with eight superstar guest artists! In "Meanwhile…," we follow eight different scenes starring the Gen13 kids (as well as their gen-active friends and enemies) at work and play, while several mysterious plot threads are woven that soon will be whoppin' the Gen13 kids upside their heads.

    Roxy and Anna discuss Grunge while Anna installs security upgrades to their La Jolla home.

    The "Mongolian Barbecue Horde" (Leslie, Nate, Sadie, Tommy) eat lunch at one of their namesake restaurants. Leslie and Sadie attempt to get Nate to divulge details of his interactions with Caitlin Fairchild. Tommy adds copious amounts of Hunan sauce to his bowl to create a spicy dish.

    Caitlin organizes her thoughts while biking by mentally composing a letter to her late father, revealing that she is adjusting to life in California, but has worries about her unpaid debt to Ivana.

    In low orbit around Jupiter, a previously-unknown spaceship inhabited by alien creatures is being pursued by a more formidable-looking spaceship. (Writer Adam Warren later explained this was meant to tease an upcoming storyline that would have centered on Sarah. The series's cancellation derailed the plotline.)

    The Walker brothers (Buzz, Neil, Alan and Deke), a group of sibling Gen-actives (seen in the previous three issues) with the ability to alter others' neurochemistry discuss their situation.

    On The Authority's Carrier, Grunge and Swift spend time together.

    In a remote location. a man referred to as "Mr. Wilson" and "Banshee Delta Niner" is attacked and subdued by two unknown assailants in motorcycle outfits. They tell him they want information on their sister.

    Bobby and Sarah discuss recent events including the loss of his psionic powers. Sarah demonstrates to him the value of a good heart by freeing a bird tangled in fishing line.


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