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(No Spoilers)

Man, Gen 13 has been more fulfilling since we got rid of the back-up stories.   There is a healthy chunk of story in this issue.   When I actually get tired of typing out the issue synopsis, it’s a pleasant problem because I know I’m getting a packed issue.  

To follow with Wildcats and The Authority this month, we get a “Previously on Gen 13” which is a good way to catch up readers on what’s going on.   It’s a little iffy if this issue could truly be considered a good starting point for new readers.   But I think there’s enough info in this issue where it could be done.   A new reader would somewhat be jumping on in the middle of things, but there’s some scenes with the kids’ powers later in the issue that does a good job of showcasing what each of them can do.   Since the solicitation doesn’t talk about it, there’s a huge new chapter going on in Gen 13’s story right now that’s hard to talk about without spoiling it.   Sufficed to say, writer Scott Beatty has created a great over-arcing story for Wildstorm that began with his work on Number of the Beast.   The new costumes which are seen on the cover (and part of the spoilers), I really like.   They’re very hip and retro and they definitely go with what’s going on right now with the team.

The solicitation does mention Gen 14 which were introduced in issue 26.   So far the only member who’s got a good amount of face time is Breakdown.   I’ve liked the character since she was first introduced and she’s added such a cool dynamic to the Gen 13 team.   But with the way things ended in this issue, I look forward to seeing more of Gen 14 next issue, which consequently will be Beatty and Huddelston’s last.   There’s a lot that Beatty set up that will not be answered by the end of next issue but it seems as if he’s going to end his run with a huge battle.   And huge battles are always cool.     

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