Character » Geist appears in 52 issues.

    A Nazi cyborg who later joined to the CIA.

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    Geist is a former Nazi during World War II that has improved his longevity through the use of cybernetics. Geist would become the special advisor to Felix Caridad who is the president of Tierra Verde. Caridad came to power through his military success, corrupt politics and his cocaine empire.

    Major Story Arcs

    Caridad wanted Tierra Verde to have their own super hero after seeing a secret weapon the US military created called Nuke in action. Geist would buy the enforcer known as Roughouse from a crime-lord named General Coy in Madripoor. Geist would shave off Roughouse's hair and beard and drug him up with the intent to use him as a guinea pig for their experiments.

    Wolverine would come into conflict with Geist during his attempt to save Roughouse.

    Geist and Caridad hire the assassin known as Tiger Shark to eliminate a mutant named La Bandera who was using her abilities to fight the drug lords in Tierra Verde.

    Powers & Abilities

    Geist is a cyborg that has the ability to detach his left hand and replace it with various weapons that include a razor, firearms, or a gun that can shoot tranquilizer darts. Geist's cyborg body improves his longevity but does not seem to provide him with enhanced strength, speed or durability.


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