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    Geirrodur is the King of the Trolls.

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    Geirrodur is one of the greatest weapon-makers in all history. He has created digging machines with Uru drill bits that can not only burrow through virtually any substance, but can also "dig" into other dimensions. Geirrodur is actually the weapon-smith who forged Thor's mystic hammer, Mjolnir .

    Geirrodur is the King of the Trolls and he resides in Castle Grimlock in Asgard.

    Powers & Abilities

    Geirrodur possess superhuman strength and is able to lift about 25 tons. His endurance is 2.5 times greater than a that of a human athlete. Geirrodur also possesses superhuman resistance to injury. Geirrodur's sight, like that of all trolls, extends far into the infrared spectrum, enabling him to see in almost total darkness.

    Geirrodur wields an mystical spear called Tordenstok. Made of Uru, the spear is virtually indestructible.


    Height: 6'

    Weight: 480 lbs

    Eyes: Brown

    Hair: Orange-Brown


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