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    An accident with a Gamma Accelerator would give normal Delilah Deerborn the power to become the Gamma-Power Mimicing hero, Geiger. Now a new recruit in the Initiative.

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    Delilah "Dee Dee" Deerborn was just your average run of the mill college girl. She is a Physics Major at the Empire State University (ESU) currently. For Delilah, life was very uneventful. This would change the day she accidentally was caught in a lab experiment gone wrong while using the Gamma-Accelerator. Sounds very similar to the story of your friendly neighborhood spider, except his was a spider bite. She would be soaked in Gamma-Radiation and like so many before her, it would alter on the genetic level. In this case Delilah was granted super powers. She was now able to mimic the powers of other Gamma-Powered individuals around her. Her powers don't stop there, they also allow her to mimic their physical appearance and personality as well. If unchecked that personality could overwhelm her and taker her over. Not a horrible situation if they have a calm attitude, but to copy the Hulk in an angry rage would be a problem.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Doc Samson to the rescue

    Not catching a break, there would be no adjustment period for Delilah, just minutes later and she along with her new powers would go on a test drive. The villain Patchwork would be in her vicinity and Delilah's powers automatically activated. Lacking experience, Patchwork's personality takes over and Geiger begins to rage out of control. Thankfully, yet another Gamma-Powered being was around, Doc Samson, to save the day. Doc Samson and Geiger would fight for a moment until they decide to work together to be rid of the true evil Patchwork. Understanding Geiger esoteric powers he also gives her a lock of his hair. That way if she ever feels like a monster is going to take over, all she would need to do is concentrate on the hair. This would allow her to mimic Doc Samson's powers instead.

    Drafted into the Initiative

    Around the time that Geiger's powers first emerged, Iron Man was looking for his second crop of fresh faced Initiative recruits. Geiger was defiantly being watched by him. When time came to perform the draft for the new recruits, Geiger would be a shoe in. Out with old, in with the new. The last group of recruits had just graduated and been given placement to their team it was time for the next batch. Shortly after a bus load of new recruits were exiting the bus and meeting their Drill Instructor, the one time villain, Taskmaster. His new group of recruits would include: Geiger, Dragon Lord, Red 9, Proton (Geldoff), Ant-Man, the Crusader, Melee and Diamondback.

    Training at Camp Hammond

    After meeting their new Drill Instructor, the new recruits would already be put to the test. The first test was to battle the Taskmaster as a group. This was the best way he could gauge their skills. Geiger and the others tried as best as they could but they would still lose the fight. Next the Taskmaster would take them to the combat simulator room. Once there, they would do battle with robots. Once again, so that he could test their abilities. Unfortunately before they could start the new recruits would be interrupted by one of clones, KIA, rampaging and destroying everything in sight including the recruits. Geiger and the other newbie’s would attempt to engage KIA in battle but are outclassed, out powered and out skilled. KIA quickly dismantles the new recruits and moves on. Eventually he is stopped but not before he destroyed nearly everything. Geiger put up a valiant effort in the fight but still lost. The Taskmaster would find her knocked unconscious, defeated by KIA. Not everyone was so lucky. Dragon Lord of the new recruits would unfortunately meet his doom, getting killed in battle against KIA. Once the dust settled, the only thing everyone could do is recover because this was just the beginning of their training in the Initiative at Camp Hammond. 
    After her training period Geiger was placed on the New Mexico Initiative Team The Mavericks.

    Fear Itself

    Commander Steve Rogers informs Prodigy of the unknown meteors that have fallen from the heavens and mass panic is on the horizon. Rogers asks Prodigy to gather heroes on a volunteer basis to help keep the peace and lead a new Initiative where there is no forced conscription or registration. Prodigy agrees to become the leader of the new Initiative and most of the former Initiative members including Geiger gather in Washington DC.  

    Geiger is assigned to help out in New Jersey with Gravity, Firestar, Frog-Man and Scarlet Spider where they assist civilians from a burning building. Crossbones would escape from the Raft after a mystical hammer fell from the sky and crashed into the prison facility. Crossbones was inside the building and already killed several officers and innocent civilians. Crossbones comes into conflict with Geiger and her teammates. Geiger is hospitalized after she uses her body as a shield when Crossbones throws a grenade at the Initiative members.


    Geiger's gamma charged body allows her to mimic/copy the powers, abilities, appearance and personality of anyone with gamma radiation based powers in her vicinity. Geiger's power has incredible potential. She could be as strong as and invulnerable as the Hulk or immensely intelligent like the Leader. Though the drawback is if she loses control she could assume their personalities too. 
    Power Mimicry:
    Geiger's power allows her to copy/mimic of other Gamma-Powered super beings in her direct vicinity. Not only can she mimic the full extent of their powers but also their appearance and personality. If she is around two Gamma beings she will assume the powers of the one with the strongest Gamma reading. 
    Geiger is able to mentally access the minds of Gamma power beings. It is yet to be seen if she is able to communicate through this tactic or not.

    Anyone who has a Gamma reading, Geiger can track.
    Siphon Abilities:
    Geiger is able to siphon the strength of other Gamma-powered beings.
    When around Gamma-Beings, Geiger can either willingly or sometimes involuntarily assume the appearance of them. So effective is this, that she was mistaken for the criminal Patchwork by Doc Samson.

    Special Equipment:
    A Lock of Hair from Doc Samson

    She maintains his hair so that if she feels the presence of another gamma powered individual in her vicinity she can focus on the hair and not be overwhelmed.

    Special Abilities: 
    Because her body is attuned to gamma power beings, she can easily track them with no problem.

    Due to her lack of experience with her powers, Geiger can easily become overwhelmed and lose control to her powers. This is a negative thing because her powers also mimic the personality of the gamma-powered super beings. If she is overcome by a villain, her personality will match theirs.

    Another significant limitation is that her powers only work if there is a Gamma-powered being present. If not she is, for the most part a normal human.


    Known Relatives: Unrevealed

    Citizenship: Citizen of the United States; with no criminal record.

    Place of Birth: Unrevealed, presumably in Massachusetts.

    Marital Status: Single

    Occupation: Student, Initiative Recruit & Adventurer

    Education: Attends college student at Empire State University. Currently a Physics Major.


    Gender: Female

    Height: Unrevealed

    Weight: Unrevealed

    Eyes: Green

    Hair: Green

    Alternate Realities

    Geiger has yet to appear in any alternate realities.


    Geiger was created by Dan Slott and Ken Lashley in 1996 and first appeared in Doc Samson # 1.


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