Character » Gehenna appears in 56 issues.

    She is the girlfriend of Firestorm (aka Jason Rusch), who has the ability to teleport and some limited telepathic abilities.

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    Gehenna (pronounced juh-HEHN-uh) is a female, Asian-American hero in the supporting cast of  Firestorm. She appears to be an older teen, but she is actually six or seven years old; this is somewhat demonstrated in her maturity, but she is for the most part accepted as a near-adult. She can teleport over small distances, and has a psychic connection with members of the Firestorm matrix, most notably Jason Rusch and Martin Stein.

    She was first introduced in Villains United No. 5 and Firestorm, Vol. 3, No. 17 (a tie-in to that issue) in which she and Firestorm are rescued by the Secret Six from powering a South American base for the Secret Society of Super Villains. She immediately attached herself to Jason, who was at the time unable to become Firestorm fully, as his girlfriend. She explained her age, and that she had been living in seclusion with her father, who remained unknown for much of her role in the series. She was very jealous of other women and upset over Jason's seeming lack of affection for her at various points, most notably when he went to space with Donna Troy during the Infinite Crisis. Nevertheless, she moved to New York with Jason after he returned from space, and has been living happily (if not without incident) since, occasionally lending her abilities to his various heroic escapades. 

    During Blackest Night. Gehenna was turned into salt and killed by Black Lantern Ronnie Raymond. However she has recently appeared to Ronnie Raymond during Brightest Day. While Ronnie is in his room Gehenna appears, calling his name. She then grabs him by the throat, and demands he say her name. As another student walks in the room, Gehenna disperses into a cloud of salt, leaving it all around the room.

    Powers and Abilities 

    Limited teleportation, and psychic connection with the Firestorm matrix.

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