gears of war 4??

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would anybody else like a gears of war four i know i would it would be "epic" haha see what i did there lol well what could they do with it perhaps it could be a prequel and be set on the pendulum wars i think it would be an amazing concept to follow Marcus fenix in his amazing battles of the pendulum wars and it'll be awesome for the fans to see Tia in a story again he was dearly missed i know i nearly cried when i saw him shoot himself in gears of war 2 sad sad times well i think it'll be awesome and possibly instead of playing as the delta hero's known by the gears fans it could rock a little to play as your own gear possibly starting the tutorial as just a cog gear and then taking the mask of giving him/her a new face and voice possibly with a script voice active with options just to bring you closer to that next-gen gaming era but yh dont you think the pendulum wars would be amazing to fight through....

also there is still the case of the FOUR carmine brothers we only met Anthony, Benjamin and Clayton what about the mysterious "D" carmine still need to meet him and considering he was never mentioned through the pen wars it is still leaving it open to turn this epicly awesome trilogy into an outstanding quadrility and make it another sequel.....the locust/lambent are finished i hear you say well yes but there are so many possibility's i tell you


somewhere somehow there is a locust surviving little population rebuilding its self hell bent on destroying the cog but most importantly delta for killing there queen after all sera is a big place you cannot tell me they've shown us every bit of it.


somehow not all the imullsion was destroyed and the lambent are rebuilding themselves as we speak ready to wage war against those "cog scum" after all adam fenix as amazing as he was god rest his soul created the hammer of dawn but that didnt work properly and well ya cant get everything exactly right now can you.


a whole new species attacks Sera hopeing to concur the planet for there own and dont necessarily hold a grudge but will do anything possible to get there hands on sera to take as there own and the locust didnt all die so maybe they join forces for this war just think about it for a second how many twists on a story could you do with dont trust the locust and keep an extra eye on em and then they end up starting a fight making the battle so much on so forth(not giving all my ideas out lol)



some how Dom survived his tragic death and was mangled and crazed and starts a civil war against the COG along side the stranded We all know how much the stranded hate the COG and dom becomes there new general and leads them on a savage war against the rest of humanity...imagine that though Dom Santiago and Marcus Fenix brothers fighting to the death can Marcus Defeat his right hand man his closest friend his brother.

these are some of my ideas and they could all include you creating your own gear and not even that as there has never been a sighting to any of the carmines why not make the gear you create the last carmine "D" theres even a choice of names that you could set it to.

please feel free to agree/disagree and post some of your ideas

Kimus out!

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they are already planning on doing this they made an announcment that this is not the last one

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@luckydomino1: awesome well thanks i did not know this lol is there any info that you know of? i have just got the net back so.....

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