Character » Gear appears in 37 issues.

    Member of Legion of Super-Heroes from planet Linsnar.

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    Lisnarians are known galaxywide for their ability to generate gadgets from their techno-organic bodies. Often they are hired as living tools, as was the case for I.Z.O.R., professionally known as Gear. Gear was hired by the bounty hunter Pernisius to serve as a systems manager at Blackstar Juvenile Correctional Facility. But once there, he found himself pressed into a slave-like servitude by the prison master. Gear kept his plans for revolt a secret until he encountered the Legionnaire, Sensor . Their plan was discovered, but when Gear's internal mechanics were tampered with, it activated an escape program the released all the prisoners from the facility.

    Gear was badly damaged and Sensor brought him to Brainiac 5 for repairs. During his visit, Gear met most of the on-duty Legionnaires at the Legion Outpost. 

    When the Legion was decimated by an attack by the Blight, the Legion's financier R. J. Brande recruited Gear to help him build Legion World. This artificial planetoid served as the team's new headquarters. After this, Gear was regarded as a full-fledged Legionnaire.

    When the Legion fully re-formed, it faced Robotica, an adversary that Gear was well-suited to combat. He was instrumental in communicating with Warworld and "convincing" it to aid them.

    Gear kept busy with duties on Legion World and worked closely with the Legion's Chief Engineer, Chuck Taine .  Since universe-247's destruction in the Infinite Crisis, Gear remains with that Legion wandering the multiverse.

    Powers and abilities

    Gear is composed of organic machinery, and can transform parts of his body into tools and interface with computers.

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