Gayle Rogers

    Character » Gayle Rogers appears in 18 issues.

    A television reporter and friend of the Avenger known as Hawkeye. She was killed by The Scourge when she stumbeled upon illegal activities of the government.

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    Gayle Rogers was an American woman whom became a television reporter. As such, she interviewed the Avengers Hawkeye on a number of ocassions.


    Gayle Rogers was created by Tom DeFalco and Mark Bright and first appeared in Solo Avengers issue 9 (1988).

    Major Story Arcs

    Thunderbolts and Death

    Gayle was not seen again in a long time until she returned, a skilled investigator, and was tasked with following a story about Hawkeye and his involvement with the super-team outlaws known as the Thunderbolts. When she found out the plans of a deranged Henry Peter Gyrich against all superhumans, she put herself at risk. She was killed by Scourge/ Jack Monroe under Gyrich's orders.


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