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    Don Santiago was a millionaire playboy who enjoyed fast cars and the company of women. However always being depressed, Santiago decided to look up information on the Batman of Gotham. Finding out his true purpose in the world, Santiago is now El Gaucho!

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    Since his first appearance his true identity and his origin are still unknown to comic book readers. However, most readers know that he was inspired by Batman (and eventually) Robin to become a hero of Argentina. Inspired by the hero of Gotham, Gaucho first started breaking down localised crime in his native city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, then going after bigger game in drug dealers. He was inducted by Batman into one of his international vigilante teams and the two have become trusted friends and fellow heroes.


    El Gaucho is a character that first appeared in January 1955 and gained his first appearance in Detective Comics #215.

    Major Story Arcs

    During the 1950's before Infinite Crisis, El Gaucho inspired the super team Super Malon. After Infinite Crisis it is unknown if they still exist, or if he still inspired those heroes to pick up the fight against evil and injustice.

    El Gaucho was originally an interim character in a detective comics Batman story called " The Batmen Of All Nations" in which Batman allied a band of masked adventurers together. During Batman R.I.P., he and the other members of the "Batmen of All Nations" joined their fellow heroes in Gotham City to help the Dark Knight stop the Black Glove. The Argentian is considered to be the most courageous of the group. He is wounded, but is able to apprehend the traitorous Wingman, with his trademark bolas, and save the life of Batman. He has become a member of the new Batman Incorporated and he was also a secret agent before becoming a crimefighter.

    Post Flashpoint

    He has joined with a small group a lesser known heroes and call themselves unofficially The Dead Heroes Club, an off shoot of Batman Inc. The members are The Guacho, Wingman, Freight Train, Looker, The Hood, Batwing, and Halo.

    Weapons and Equipment

    Gaucho uses bolos as his tools to fight crime, both to capture a suspect and to concuss them.

    He owns a hot air balloon and a blue motorbike,


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