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Brief Discription

First Appearance
First Appearance

Gateway, an aborigine hermit mutant, used this ancient artifact to open transdimensional wormholes. The amplitude of the whirl will affect the capacity and distance of transdimensional travel. It has the ability to open wormholes that affect not only space but time either, showing events of the past. Moreover it had the ability of show elements that the human eye can´t normally see.

Receantly the abilities of Gateway has been exploded further using his wormholes to travel between realities (Earth 616 - Earth 295).

Alternate Realities

Earth 295 - Age of apocalypse

AoA Bullroarer
AoA Bullroarer

Gateway uses a sort of tech sphere-shaped artifact as bullroarer, it had the same function as in main reality. During the final confrontation against Apocalypse Gateway uses his powers and the bullroarer to open a dimensional wrap large enough to transport the entire human fleet, from Europe to North America, so the High Human Council could attack apocalypse´s reign with nuclear bombs in its core.

He survived the nuclear attack and is later seen helping Wolverine´s X-Force to find the life seed, needed to save Archangel, using his bullroarer he was able to transport the group to the main reality.

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