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Gaston is a character created by Belgian artist/writer André Franquin in 1957.

Published in the USA by Fantagraphics but with a new name; Gomer Goof.


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He's best known as 'The hero without work', he's completely inept at doing his job. He's lazy, clumsy, greedy, incredibly stubborn and mostly does things, when he does them, his own way. He works at Dupuis and it's his job to sort the mail and keep the archives. You can usually find him asleep behind his desk, which is usually stuffed with copious amounts of back logged mail. He does all sorts of useless activities and stupid games when he's not inventing something. His inventions are usually intended to make his life easier, but they almost always end up badly and usually not just for Gaston

Even though he's an accident waiting to happen, Gaston has a heart of gold and has a lot of friends. He's a big animal lover and we usually see him in the company one. The love in his life is Jeanne she often blushes when Gaston is around.


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