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    Gaspar Saladino is a letterer, primarily for DC Comics

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    Gaspar Saladino has been recognized as one of the greatest letterers of all time and he has well over 3,000 issues to prove it. He was awarded the Shazam Award for Best Letterer in 1971, and 1973.

    His career began as a letterer in 1951 when he left the fashion industry where he worked as an illustrator. He continued lettering in the comics industry at least until 2002. Gaspar did work for DC and Marvel. He is well known for his work as the "page one letterer" for many books. He did the titles, lettering, and sound effects for all DC covers during Carmine Infantino's run as editorial director at that company.

    Gaspar Saladino designed the logos for the Swamp Thing, Adam Strange, House of Mystery, House of Secrets, Unknown Soldier, Vigilante and the Metal Men among others. He did work in Tales to Astonish, Flash, Iron Man, Arkham Asylum, Avengers , and many many more. He also revamped the Green Lantern logo to make it more fresh and current.

    One of the biggest things he got to work on in his career was Arkham Asylum. He created a different font for every character in the book.


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