Gas Gang

    Team » Gas Gang appears in 7 issues.

    Notorious team of gas-filled robots.

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    Doc Magnus was transformed into a heartless robot. The  Metal Men trapped him in his lab in the hope it would turn him back to normal. However, Doc created the Gas Gang to destory the Metal Men. After a long battle, Gold electrocuted them and the robots were destoryed. The gas from the robots some how turned Doc back to his normal self. Later  when the Metal Men (minus Tin) were fused together and turned evil, Doc rebuilt the Gas Gang. They defeated the evil "Metal Man". Doc was going to send an electrical current to destory the "hostile elements" making them evil, but Gas Gang rebeled! The Metal Men "hurled" an electrical current at the Gas Gang, hench destorying them.

    Other Media

    They recently (2010) appeared as villains fighting Batman & the Metal Men on the Brave and the Bold cartoon. But in this verison,  Carbon Dioxide is replaced by Nitrogen and Hydrogen is added. The Gas Gang in this verison are actually the gases not the robots. They also were humans and plotted to use Doc's lab for evil reasons, but a failed experiment turned them into living gas. Batman manages to destory them them via ionizing them.

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