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    Character » Gary Seven appears in 34 issues.

    A descendant of humans who were taken from Earth several thousand years ago by the Aegis to be trained to serve as agents of the Aegis.

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    The ancestor of a group of humans abducted by unidentified aliens around the year 4000 BC, Gary Seven is the latest in a line of secret guardians charged with protecting the Earth against threats that could destroy the planet. Seven encountered the crew of the original U.S.S. Enterprise in the year 1968, when they found him attempting to tamper with the launch of a nuclear missile that Seven claimed would be the opening shot in a third World War. After initially interfering with Seven's efforts, the Enterprise's commanding officer, Captain James T. Kirk, eventually allowed Seven to remotely detonate the missile before its nuclear capabilities could be armed, thus preventing World War III and saving the planet from inevitable destruction.

    Gary Seven remained active throughout the late 1960s and early 1970s, accompanied by his shape-changing cat Isis and his secretary Roberta Lincoln. Seven's last documented assignment took place in 1972, when he prevented a Soviet plot to replace U.S. President Richard Nixon with a surgically-altered lookalike.

    Gary Seven possesses no real superhuman abilities, save for a resistance to the Vulcan Nerve Pinch, a very rare genetic trait in humanoids. Seven has access to many forms of high-tech equipment, including teleporters, matter replicators and his signature "servo", a multi-use tool capable of functioning as a communication or personal teleportation device. Seven's servo was also able to access computers remotely, physically manipulate objects at a distance, alter people's memories or perceptions and serve as an energy weapon with both lethal and non-lethal settings.


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