Gary Lenin

    Character » Gary Lenin appears in 10 issues.

    Gary Lenin is a member of the Happy Harbor Police Department and friend to Snapper Carr.

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    Gary Lenin was an officer for the Happy Harbor, Rhode Island police force. A timid man, Officer Lenin reported to Chief Andrea Lee. While a teenager, Lenin befriended fellow Happy Harbor resident Snapper Carr, and the two had some adventures together.
    When Snapper Carr returned to Happy Harbor after his adventures with the Justice League and the Blasters, Snapper reconnected with Lenin. Lenin became friends with Snapper and his bride Bethany Lee, daughter of his boss. Chief Lee, nicknamed “Big Chief,” did not agree to the wedding, and blamed Snapper for almost every wrongdoing in the town. Lenin was often put into positions caught between Snapper and Big Chief.
    When the android Hourman came to Happy Harbor, Lenin was again found in positions between Snapper and the Big Chief. However, Lenin became somewhat friends with Hourman. Lenin joined Hourman, Snapper, Bethany, Big Chief and the others on a trip through the timestream. While in the future, he witnessed his future self married to Bethany Lee. While Lenin harbored a crush on Bethany all these years, he never acted on it. Seeing this future, Lenin started to pursue Bethany, and Bethany encouraged the pursuit with a kiss.
    We have yet to see if Lenin and Bethany fulfill the future they saw.


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