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    Gary Frank is a British comic book artist.

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    Gary Frank (born 1969) is a British comic book artist and penciller, getting his start in British publications such as Toxic! before becoming notable in the United States for his work on Midnight Nation and Supreme Power, both written by J. Michael Straczynski. He has also worked with author Peter David on The Incredible Hulk and Supergirl, and had a creator-owned series, Kin Comic, which he wrote himself, published by Top Cow in 2000.

    In his early career he frequently worked with inker Cam Smith (The Incredible Hulk, Supergirl, Gen 13).

    On May 10, 2007, having worked several years on a Marvel exclusive contract, Frank signed a new one with DC Comics. He most recently served as the regular series artist on Action Comics with writer Geoff Johns. After the New Krypton story arc, Action Comics became a title headlined by Kryptonian heroes Nightwing and Flamebird. As a result of this, the creative team on Action Comics changed.

    Frank and Johns worked with Superman again in a mini-series format entitled Superman: Secret Origin. The story features what Johns and DC Executive Editor Dan DiDio are calling a "definitive" telling of the origin story of Superman, dealing with his life in Smallville, his first adventure with the Legion of Super-Heroes as Superboy, and his arrival in Metropolis and at the Daily Planet. Superman (or Clark), is struggling with being an outsider, and is not sure what to do with his life.

    Frank and Johns also worked on Batman: Earth One. A story, with Bruce Wayne beginning his career as the Dark Knight of Gotham City. After the success of Volume one there will soon be volume 2 of Batman Earth One coming out in 2013.

    Frank also drew the SHAZAM! Backups in Justice league with also Geoff Johns writing them.

    Frank and Johns are currently working on Doomsday Clock.


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