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    Garth the Zombie was a manservant, first for Black Talon, later for She-Hulk.

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    Garth was originally seen in " Sensational She-Hulk" #34-35 (December, 1991 - January, 1992) as a zombie assistant to Black Talon. He stepped forward to defend his master from She-Hulk, revealing some degree of superstrength. But as soon as the heroine took out Black Talon, Garth chased affiliations. He was apparently enamored with her and agreed to serve as her housekeeper.
    In #37 (March, 1992), Garth met Wyatt Wingfoot, Jennifer's then-boyfriend without incident. She-Hulk commented that Garth reminded her of Rob Liefeld creations. A comment on Garth having a head out of proportion with the rest of his body.
    In #60 (February, 1994), Garth spoke for the first time on panel. He assisted his mistress in combat with the Scarlet Beetle.


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