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    Garrus Vakarian is a turian sharpshooter and former C-Sec officer who quit the force out of frustration after watching dozens of criminals walk free because of all the red tape and politicking C-Sec had to deal with. He joined forces with Commander Shepard to hunt down the rogue Spectre Saren Arterius, and became one of Shepard's closest comrades in the long war against the Reapers.

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    Garrus was born on Palaven, the turian homeworld, roughly 30 years before the beginning of the Mass Effect franchise. His family consisted of an unnamed mother and father, and a younger sister named Solana. Garrus' father was a respected C-Sec officer who groomed his son for years to join the Citadel's prime security force without any consideration for what Garrus might want to do with his life. Before he joined C-Sec, Garrus had served in the turian military just like most of Palaven, and he was one of a thousand soldiers from Palaven shortlisted as candidates for the prestigious office of a Council Spectre.

    He mentions later that he could have had special training to prepare for the evaluation process, but his father arranged to have his candidacy blocked, since he hated the autonomy and lack of regulations that Spectres were privileged to and believed that it was a shortcut to corruption and abuse of power. A firm believer in the "do things right or don't do them at all" principle, the senior Vakarian secured a job for Garrus on C-Sec.


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