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    A cybernetically enhanced member of the Six Pack.

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    Kane's parents both died when he was young. He was thirteen when he joined Hammer and G.W. Bridge with the potential to become a military man, but it is unknown how long this was after his parents died.


    Kane was created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza and first appeared in X-Force #2 (1991).

    Character Evolution

    Kane began as human who joined a mercenary group. Due to being stuck in an explosion, Kane was admitted into the Weapon X program and given cybernetic limbs. When those got thrashed by Stryfe, Cable took Kane to the future and outfitted him with futuristic limbs. Kane later returned to Weapon X and upgraded his wares, allowing him to duplicate powers of other Weapon X members.

    Major Story Arcs

    Six Pack

    Six Pack
    Six Pack

    (See the Six Pack page for specific missions.)

    As a member of the mercenary group the Wild Pack (which later had to be changed to the Six Pack) Kane begins as an ordinary man and the youngest member. This does not diminish his capabilities on the battlefield. Ever brash, Kane has no problem boasting of his efforts. This is seen when the Six Pack raids a HYDRA laboratory and Kane and Hammer are given the topside mission. They beat the rest of the team and Kane remarks that he and Hammer must be better than the other four members.

    Prior to a mission, the Wild Pack meets with Tolliver's go-between. He informs the team that their moniker needs to change due to the rights being owned by another team. Unwittingly, Kane renames the team when he finally finds the beer Tolliver had hidden away. The team then goes by Six Pack.

    Kane's cybernetic ability really arises after Cable's clone, Stryfe, ambushes them during a mission. Cable had gotten the team targeted for going off contract for Tolliver and he then becomes bent on using the Six Pack to destroy Stryfe. Hammer, having downloaded a large amount of data from Stryfe's computers, hands a disk to Cable. Just then, Stryfe teleports in and grabs Kane by the neck. Unfortunately, the Six Pack had already set some bombs to explode. With very little time to weigh his options, Cable forsakes his team in order to fight Stryfe another day. Stryfe also disappears and the base explodes. Domino, Grizzly, and G.W. Bridge are able to get to cover, but Hammer and Kane are hurt badly.

    Having lost all four limbs, Kane signs up with the Weapon X program alongside Wade Wilson (later Deadpool), and is granted four cybernetic limbs that are grafted onto his body. Kane believes Stryfe to be Cable, and assembles and leads a team called Weapon: P.R.I.M.E. to seek out and neutralize Cable and the X-Force. The battle doesn't go quite as planned. X-Force takes down most of the members of Weapon: PRIME while Kane fights Shatterstar. Shatterstar doesn't pull any punches and chops off Kane's left arm. Undeterred, Kane uses the electrical charges from that arm to electrocute Shatterstar. This seems to take a toll on Kane, as he is pretty well drained by the time any SHIELD reinforcements arrive. He is helpless to stop X-Force from simply taking the main SHIELD IPAC unit and flying off.

    After being defeated by X-Force, Kane is repaired and sent back out to find Cable. He visits his friend Hammer and learns of some of Cable's safehouses. He visits one in Switzerland and finds Cable there. The two duke it out until Cable gets the upper hand. Kane then shows Cable a holographic video of Stryfe removing his mask. Cable sees why Kane hates him so much - he and Stryfe have the same face.

    Convinced that Cable is not Stryfe, Kane accompanies Cable to Mexico to take Stryfe out for good. The Mutant Liberation Front ambushes the men and Stryfe, again, appears and takes Kane by the neck. Cable is still not willing to fall for any of Stryfe's deals and Stryfe unleashes a telekinetic blast on Cable. Kane unloads an electric charge into Stryfe. The three men are all seriously wounded, but Kane is the worst off, as the backlash was too much for his body. Cable, instead of killing Stryfe, takes Kane to the future where his arms are turned into liquid metal, and weapons of that time period are added to his already impressive arsenal. Kane stays in the future and awaits the return of Cable from the present.

    Weapon X


    Following this, Kane is sent back to his own timeline. Not much was heard from Kane after that until it became known that he was drafted into the newly revived Weapon X program. He was upgraded and became a loyal soldier for the program, becoming the team's hitman (going by the same name as the organization for a time). He was able to harness powers from any of his teammates thanks to his upgrades. It is still unknown why Kane joined the group, and even if it was on his own free will. This seemed not to be the case when his former teammate Cable led a resistance movement to shut down the Weapon X program. At first, Kane attacks Cable. It is however then that he shuts down Kane's mind in the middle of a battle with the Undergrounds. After that his mind is rebooted, which brings his mind back to its normal state. Shocked by what he has done, and seeing his former teammates (including Cable) being attacked by the robots of Madison Jeffries, Kane absorbs all of the robot-technology, and then all of the technology of Weapon X, which apparently kills him.


    Kane has many abilities stemming from his cybernetic restructuring. He possess metahuman strength (10-20 ton carrying capacity) stamina and durability, as well as enhanced reflexes. His cybernetic arms can be detached at the shoulder, or he can instead fire his hand in projectile form, and maintain control as it is separated from his body. His arms can also fire plasma, wire-guided tasers and release a retractable energy shield. For camouflage purposes, the arms (which normally appear in metallic form) can transform into a synthetic-organic material to appear human. His eyesight and hearing have also been enhanced by his cybernetics to boost his tracking abilities.

    Most recently, Kane gained the ability to duplicate the powers and abilities of any Weapon X member, when Weapon X upgraded his cybernetic material.

    Kane's catchphrase is "Get-into-the-groove."

    Alternate Realities


    Ultimate Kane
    Ultimate Kane

    Kane of the Ultimate universe is a member of the Six Pack led by Cable.


    The Garrison Kane of Earth 3031 joined the Weapon X team that appeared in Exiles. He died during a battle with the Sub-Mariner and was replaced by The Vision. His corpse was then brought to his native reality so that the Six Pack can give him a proper burial.

    Other Media

    X2: X-Men United

    Garrison Kane's name is listed in William Stryker's files on Lady Deathstrike's computer.


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