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    Garou is a former student of Bang, a famous martial arts master. After rampaging and getting kicked out of the dojo, he embarks on a journey to become the most powerful and the most evil monster ever. He is a self-declared God level threat, and amongst the most power characters in the series. He is also the main antagonist of the Hero Hunt arc on and one of several antagonists in the Monster Association arc

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    Garou is a young man with sharp features, yellow eyes, and long silver hair that spikes upward in two large prongs, giving a feeling of a young wolf. He has a lean muscular build. He wears a tight, black, long-sleeved shirt, loose-fitting white martial arts pants, a yellow sash around his waist, and tai chi slippers on his feet.

    As Garou fights further in the Human Monster Saga, his appearance becomes more monster-like over time. After being kicked by Saitama, he removes his shirt and wraps his upper body in bandages as he recovers. While fighting Genos, his right eye turns red and bloodshot, and his hair becomes red after he rubs his own blood into it.

    Next, he is given a long-sleeved black shirt and tight black pants by the Monster Association. He retains a large diagonal scar across his face after being brutalized by Royal Ripper, and his right eye remains severely bloodshot. His clothes are torn and two strands of fabric flow behind him like scarves due to his encounter with Overgrown Rover, and after being defeated by Orochi his entire body is black with soot. The soot is blown off when Garou blocks Superalloy Darkshine's Superalloy Bazooka, and the force of the attack also shreds his remaining clothing into a spiral pattern around the hole Orochi put in his torso.

    After his fight with Darkshine and the subsequent destruction of the Monster Association base, Garou begins transforming, with his hands turning into claws, his teeth transforming into fangs, and his skin hardening. When he emerges aboveground, Garou has hardened, armor-like skin and hair, razor-sharp claws, and glowing magma-like veins running along his body.


    Back in his childhood, Garou was a weak, timid, and unpopular boy. One day, a student named Tacchan approached him and decided to pick on Garou, insisting that they play a game together. In the game, Tacchan decided that Garou was the monster and that he was the hero, so they begin to fight. Tacchan kicks Garou and Garou narrowly dodges, to which Tacchan gets injured prompting Garou to apologize. Tacchan then capsizes on the opportunity and kicks Garou on the face, exploiting his softness and reprimanding his lack off acting like a monster. Later Garou tells a teacher, but other children defended Tacchan, which is when Garou had his first major realization. The teacher ignored his story, and even though Garou was the one being bullied, everybody sided with Tacchan, allowing him to come to the conclusion that the loved will always win (Tacchan) and the hated will lose (himself). Later his conviction was deeply rooted even further after watching a Justice Man segment on TV, in which the idea of heroism was deeply rooted. From there on Garou made a decision to be the strongest villain of all time, and never lose to any hero, so that he could change they way the world worked.

    He then started to root out heroes and take them down one by one, even with the help of a catalog owned by Tareo, a kind child he met once in a park.


    Ever since he was a little child he always had a festering hate for heroes, or anything that represented justice. He used to watch shows on the television that always depicted the good guys winning, and the bad guys losing. He felt strongly that the world was a cruel and unfair place, and since then garnered a burning philosophy about changing the world with "absolute evil."

    When he was first officially introduced to the story he was seen as a haughty, arrogant, and violent individual who was quick to start conflict and easily offended. Garou has been stated by bang to be a twisted person, and he has been shown to be cruel and ruthless, especially in the face of his opponents. Despite this outward bravado he displays, it is revealed that Garou has a soft spot for children and regular civilians, and will not go out of his way to harm or kill innocent people. It is because of these reasons he was ridiculed by the Monster Association agents who suggested he was still human and "could never become a true monster."

    Garou also loves fighting, and in some ways can be seen as an alternate version of Saitama. They both love the thrill of battle, and they both have a strong sense of morality and resolve. It is quite possible that either could have turned out like the other, with Garou being obsessed with heroism while Saitama clings on to hate and darkness and injustice. Also, besides Saitama, Garou is the only other shown character in the series who has been capable of removing their human limiters.

    Powers and Abilities

    Even before Garou was first officially introduced he was known to be extremely powerful, far higher than the average human or martial artists. They two most dominant traits concerning Garou's strength are his tenacity and evolution. When he started out he was A-Class to S-Class level in terms of combat, and by his final evolution was arguably one of the top 3 strongest characters in the entire series.

    He was Bangs best student, and defeated an entire dojo of trained and skilled martial artists. He also won the annual Martial Arts super fight tournament, under the alias "Wolfman." He defeated an entire room of A-Class criminals and three of the top ranking A-Class heroes with zero effort and without incurring even a single injury. And then he begins to adapt and evolve, becoming more and more powerful with each and every fight he undergoes.

    Physical Abilities

    Superhuman Strength

    Garou possesses overwhelming amounts of ever-growing physical strength. He effortlessly broke A-Class rank 5 heavy Tank Fundoshi's arm and was able to fight on par with S-Class hero Tank Top Master. He then fights with Metal bat, being able to counter and repel his swings which were shown to be powerful enough to destroy entire city blocks. He then removes his human limiters (much like Saitama) and evolves at an alarming rate to the point where he single-handedly defeated a majority of the S-Class heroes and traded blows with Saitama.

    Superhuman Speed

    Garou is easily one of the fastest characters in One-Punch Man, being able to dodge a flurry of point blank bullets from Golden ball and later keeping up with the likes of Genos. He then evolves to the point of blitzing characters as fast as Tatsumaki and Golden Sperm, and later keeps up with Saitama.

    He was shown deflecting hundreds, if not thousands of bullets when Death Gatling unleashed his final attack, Death Shower, on him.

    Superhuman Durability

    He is able to take punishment from multiple characters, like Tank top master and Metal bat, and even survive a near fatal attack from Bang and Bomb. He then withstood a punch from Superalloy Darkshine that shattered his entire ribcage and kept of fighting. But the most impressive thing is that Garou is the only character in the entire series to take a large number of attacks from Saitama and still survive. While the latter was holding back significantly, it is still impressive as he was able to adapt to Saitama several times and evolve in the process.

    Superhuman Endurance and Senses

    Garou has an unnaturally high pain tolerance as well as a group of enhanced senses. He can withstand having multiple bones broken and shrug off being impaled and physically abused by more powerful opponents. He can also sense powerful opponents, and detect hidden and surprise attacks.

    Martial Arts Master/Genius Combatant

    Garou is a prominent user of the Water-Streaming Rock Smashing fist. He is also capable of reading his opponents moves in battle and adapting to them, enable him with precognition and weakness detection. He is capable of pinpointing weak spots and delivering precise, accurate blows with perfection. He can also copy attacks and other fighting styles to visual perfection and execute them with ease.

    Synopsis (plot)

    Hero Hunt Saga

    Garou Introduction Arc

    The Hero Association HQ held a meeting to call attention to the rising monster crisis, and the meeting consisted of gathering the strongest villains in order to have them work with the heroes so they may protect and ensure the survival of humanity. Garou introduces himself, stating that he is the most powerful villain, able to beat up everyone present, and that the only reason he showed up was to fight strong opponents. The three A-Class heroes attempt to stop him, but he curbstomps them with ease, and proceeds to slaughter every villain at the meeting before taking his leave.

    Blizzard Group Arc

    In the manga, Garou begins his proclaimed "Hero Hunt", and takes on the title of the "Human Monster", and advances to single out powerful heroes in order to fight one on one. After defeating Tanktop Vegetarian with ease, he encounters Mumen Rider, and suddenly Tank Top vegetarian returns with the rest of the Tank Top army to carry out revenge on Garou. After deciding that Garou is a threat, Tank Top Master engages in a fight with him, seemingly having the upper hand for a majority of the fight. Garou, excited to fight an S-Class, adapts to TTM's fighting style, and overpowers him as the fight wears on. He then effortlessly defeats Mumen Rider, and single-handedly takes out the entire Tank Top Army, an event which then garners his publicity and solidifies his infamy.

    Garou deflecting Golden Ball's attacks
    Garou deflecting Golden Ball's attacks

    Later Garou passes by some C-Class heroes and scares them into submission. After that, he meets A-Class hero Golden Ball in a bar, and taunts him into a fight. Golden Ball, pretending to be drunk, takes him on in an alley way, and surprises Garou with the speed and versatility of his bullets and attacks. He manages to injure Garou by shooting a bullet through his leg, and then takes the initiative (thinking he won) and follows up with a barrage of bullet to finish him off. Garou then adapts to the attacks and deflects them all. With minimal effort, Garou gains the upperhand, and is about to finish off Golden Ball before Spring Mustache intervenes. Spring Mustache immediately begins attacking only for him to lose after Garou reads his attacks.

    Garou attacking Saitama... or trying to
    Garou attacking Saitama... or trying to

    Shortly after, Garou walks through a outdoor market looking for a fight with Amai Mask, but comes across a Hero Association member instead. He then beats him up due to the officials annoying personality. By this point Garou is irked, and when Saitama appears behind him he mistaken's him for a small fry who is trying to get him arrested. Garou attacks Saitama without warning, giving him a karate chop to the neck hard enough to crack the ground underneath him. An unfazed Saitama (who was really looking for a wig), strikes back with minimal effort and knocks Garou unconscious with a chop of his own.

    Monster Raid Arc -

    Garou is first seen conversing with Busaiku, a child with a catalog on all of the top heroes. Taking an interest in Metal Bat, he asks the child where he could find him, and Busaiku tells him about Metal Bat and Demon level threats.

    Garou encounters Metal Bat just as the latter was sent flying a kilometer across the city into a nearby building by Elder Centipede. Despite Metal Bat already being considerably injured, Garou takes the opportunity and starts to fight with him. Garou starts by attacking him, and Metal Bat's responses are sluggish, prompting Garou to complain that he is already tired and worn out. Metal Bat starts swinging his bat multiple times, with Garou dodging the majority. Garou is taken aback by Garou's tenacity and persistence, and despite being exhausted, Metal Bat consistently fights on par with him.

    Monster Association Arc

    Having defeated both Metal Bat and Heavy Tank Top, Garou tried challenging Watchdog Man, but was quickly defeated and forced to retreat. He remarked that the reason he couldn't defeat him was that his master never taught him how to fight non-humans. He then ran into King and attempted to fight him, but was defeated in a single blow by Saitama. Injured and exhausted, he retreated and rested to heal his wounds.

    Resting in a small shack in the woods, he was found by 4 young children and one of them was bullied into trying to tell him to leave. While talking to the boy, he was tracked down by a squad of heroes led by Death Gatling.

    Using the Hero manual the boy was carrying with him, he was able to determine each hero's strength and weakness. Upon engaging them, he was wounded in both his elbow and thigh, as well as poisoned when 2 arrows struck his shoulder. Despite being poisoned with a toxin that quickly causes paralysis, fought on, turning the heroes weapons and tools to his advantage. he used Smile-man's Kendama to knock out Chain and Toad, Gun Gun and hid behind it to ambush Pile Bison when he destroyed it. He taunted Stinger multiple times in order to draw him away from Death Gatling and used the distraction to take out other heroes. Finally, with only him and Death Gatling left, he told him that this is the day the monster would win. Death Gatling responded by unleashing his Ultimate Attack, Death Shower. Garou deflected and stopped thousands of rounds, preventing them from hitting the shack and the boy in it behind him. Upon defeating Death Gatling, he attempted to leave the area and was attacked by Genos, who was brought there by a distress signal from Glasses.

    While at first at a disadvantage, he adopted Watchdog Man's fighting style against Genos, stalemating him until the Monster Association intervened, with Genos now busy fighting against the monsters, he was confronted by and faced of against Bang.

    Facing Bang and Co, Garou put up a fight but was quickly overwhelmed and defeated. But before Bang could finish him off, the Monster Association intervened and rescued him. With the Heroes busy fighting Elder Centipede, Garou was carried away by an Aerial monster and returned to the Monster Association's headquarters.

    He was them offered a chance to join the Association, provided he could prove himself, Setting out with Royal Ripper and another monster, both of whom had orders to terminate Garou in the event of his failure.

    Ripper then led Garou to the boy who's life he has saved earlier and ordered him to kill him but was refused, while Garou and Ripper faced of, another monster took Garou by surprise and stabbed him from behind, giving Ripper an opening to attack him and critically wound him. Left for dead, he slowly recovered, then made his way back to the Association's Headquarters, where he broke in, killed Ripper, along with several other monsters, and rescued the child they had kidnapped.


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