Garmin Vid

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    Green Lantern of Space Sector 3521

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    Green Lantern
    Status: Active
    Space Sector: 3521

    Sector Partner:
    Homeworld: Unknown
    Predecessor: Unknown
    Successor: Inapplicable


    A former master thief who organized the infamous Traggal system heist, Garmin Vid is often called upon to analyze and even predict the criminal actions of others.  Vid was inducted into the Green Lantern Corps following the great reformation and was partnered with the mystic Torquemada.  In one of their earliest cases, Vid and his partner were investigating the wreckage of a fleet of rescue ships sent to evacuate the population of the planet Quinlon before the planet's sun died out.  There admidst the wreckage, Vid found Kyle Rayner, known then as "Ion", floating about disoriented and confused.  Rayner appeared not to recognize his fellow Lanterns and could not explain what had transpired.  However, it was clear to Vid that only a being as powerful as Ion could have decimated an entire star fleet.

    Torquemada gently tried to pursuade Rayner to return to Oa with them, but when he refused, Vid moved threateningly towards him.  Rayner reacted violently, and with a burst of incredible energy he blasted Garmin Vid and his partner away from him.  The two Lanterns were nearly killed by Rayner's explosive force, and could do nothing to stop him from fleeing the scene.  Vid was critically wounded by the attack; he sustained a broken arm and was losing blood fast.  Although Torquemada was also injured, he managed to fly himself and his wounded partner to Oa, in search of aid.

    A short while later, the sky's of Oa were suddenly lit by a flaming green ball of energy which came screaming from space at a barely uncontrollable speed.  The ball crashed to the planet below, and an exhausted Torquemada emerged, screaming for a medic as he held the near lifeless body of Garmin Vid in his arms.  The Green Lantern, Dr. Soranik Natu, rushed to Vid's side, creating a medical bed of emerald energy while working to stabilize her patient.  Although Vid was at the brink of death, his life was saved by the courage of his partner and the skill of Dr. Natu.
    Garmin Vid's partner: Torquemada
    Garmin Vid's partner: Torquemada

    Over the next few days, Hal Jordan would discover that the entity that attacked Garmin VId and Torquemada was not Kyle Rayner, but a disoriented Alex Nero, who had been unwillingly used as a pawn by Sinestro in a plot to get Nero close enough to attack the Guardians of the Universe.  Sinestro had found some way to manipulate Nero so that he was tapping into Rayner's Ion power, resulting in both men being unaware of who they were or the actions they were taking.  Jordan and Rayner stopped the insane Nero from continuing to impersonate Ion.  When Rayner brought his prisoner to Oa, he met Garmin Vid and Torquemada for the "first' time, explaining to the two partners that it was really Nero who attacked them.  Vid and his partner were both gracious and happily introduced themselves to Rayner as friends and colleagues.

    Vid soon recovered from his injuries and resumed his duties.  He served in the Sinestro Corps War and continues to utilize his former underworld contacts and criminal associates to act as his informants.  Vid and Troquemada are currently investigating the Headmage of the Necromancers of the Black Circle, in their efforts to protect Space Sector 3521.

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