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Major story Arcs

Circle of four

Gari Oyle appears with Blackheart, disguised in human form. The two plan on bringing Hell to Earth via a centrifuge which was powered when Ghost Rider was tricked in to turning the device using her bike. The Rider is told that if she stops, the centrifuge will be pull Earth into Hell. Gari and Blackheart then return to their base of operations when, shortly after Venom, Red Hulk, X-23 and Ghost Rider (who Johnny Blaze has replaced in turning the centrifuge). Before the group can attack the pair, Blackheart uses H'elian's Mirror Cauldron to create inverted reflections the team. While the reflection occupy their original selves, Gari is sent to destroy a magical amulet (an object of Johnny Blaze's) that is preventing Hell from spreading out of Las Vegas. She is, however, intercepted by Ghost Rider, who has defeated her antithesis. Luckily for Gari, Blackheart summons Venom's, Rulk's and X-23's opponents to stop the Rider. When Venom and Rulk turn up to assist, they are both killed, as is X-23. Before Ghost Rider dies, she's tempted by Blackheart and destroys the magical amulet. The job of preventing Hell from spreading turns to Doctor Strange and Daimon Hellstorm.

Gari is later seen collecting the spirit of Zarathos, which has left Alejandra when she died. She returns to Blackheart and gives it to him. Before bonding can take place, Venom, Rulk and Alejandra arrive (who, along with X-23, have made a deal with Mephisto to live). Although Alejandra tries to take it back, Venom manages to get the spirit and Rulk is bonded to it as well as the symbiote. However, before this happens, Gari is told to stop X-23 from sending Hell back by reversing the polarity of the centrifuge and destroying it before Earth can be pulled with it. Gari manages to defeat X-23 and almost kills Flash Thompson who is dropped off by Alejandra. However, while Gari has her back turned, Flash shoots an explosive planted on her back by X-23.

After the heroes stop Blackheart's plan, he along with Gari are seen with Mephisto , who offers them a job at a new casino he plans on opening. They accept.


Gari can fly and appears to have knowledge of black magic. Using alchemy, she was able to turn X-23's Adamantium claws to copper dust.


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